So when Dad called last night to tell me Tom & Katie were at the Redskins game, I was all like, get us pics of Suri. Then I remembered we already saw her in VF. We were not surprised to hear the family headed to DC to support Tom's new business partner. We wonder if he liked our hometown enough to want to buy a home. I like that Katie is allowed to stand tall next to Tom. I guess he is no longer hiding that he falls in love with women taller than himself. Here's more

Cruise & Co. were surrounded by massive layers of security and spent at least 20 minutes shaking hands with dignitaries. If that weren't enough, another of Snyder's celebrity guests, Jamie Foxx, gave his "Collateral" co-star a huge hug, triggering another round of paparazzi -worthy shots.

Oh, by the way, the Redskins lost.

Not only did Snyder play host at the game to Cruise, his fiancee, daughter Isabella, 13, and son Connor , 11, but even better: The entire family -- including baby Suri -- is staying at Snyder's Potomac home.

Sorry the Redskins lost but glad to see they are making headlines, even if it's because of their new famous friends. Lots more pics so