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DJ AM and Travis Barker Critically Injured in a Plane Crash

Last night DJ AM and Travis Barker were both critically injured in a Learjet crash in South Carolina after playing a show in Columbia, SC earlier in the evening.

The air traffic controllers saw sparks as the plane was taking off and it went off the runway onto a nearby road where a witness saw flames bursting from the scene and two men (DJ AM and Travis Barker) attempting to extinguish the fires on themselves. The plane had a total of 6 passengers and the other four were killed. The witness said there was no way to help the others on the plane who have now been identified as: pilot Sarah Lemmon, co-pilot James Bland, and Barker's assistant and bodyguard, Chris Baker, and Charles Still. The local news has video of the wrecked plane. DJ AM and Travis Barker are currently in stable condition and being treated for severe burns.


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LoveSarah LoveSarah 9 years
So sad. My heart goes out to everyone that was involved in the crash and their families. Hoping for a quick recovery for both Travis and DJ AM
snowbunny11 snowbunny11 9 years
Oh, Ginger already mentioned it, but tmz (where dlisted got the info) retracted the bit about the assistant's wife being pregnant. Hmmm, should not be relying on anything that comes from tmz as being accurate news! I just wanted to clear that up since I posted it!
northernstar northernstar 9 years
So sad, I can't believe it. I hope they recover soon and get back to their lives again.
Mesayme Mesayme 9 years
I updated my blog for you guys today (Sunday)...I'm trying to update it as the Burn Center releases info... the news is better! :cheer:
Mesayme Mesayme 9 years
I updated my blog for you guys today (Sunday)...I'm trying to update it as the Burn Center releases info... the new is better! :cheer:
LolaDub LolaDub 9 years
this is beyond sad and heartbreak :cry: my condolences to the passengers family and friends sweet mercy jesus...just wow :(
Miss-Metal Miss-Metal 9 years
This is some very sad news . I remember I was so shocked when I heard about it on E last night when I was watching a rerun of SNL .
Ginger Ginger 9 years
The report about Chris Baker's wife is not accurate. It's based on an incorrect TMZ article that has since been pulled. She isn't even pregnant, but they have a two year old, according to updated reports. Lots of rumors at the start, but the medical center is doing a new conference in a few hours, so more accurate info will probably be available.
Sophie827 Sophie827 9 years
How awful. I hope they both pull through. Losing a loved one must be the most terrible thing a person can go through, especailly when the loved one is so young. I hope the families of those lost in the crash are eventually able to find peace in their lives again.
JennyMcKay5 JennyMcKay5 9 years
That's awful especially cause fire's my worst fear ever. I wish the two of them all the best and let's hope they pull off a Nicki Lauda. My thoughts are with them.
Soniabonya Soniabonya 9 years
Very sad terrible news. My heart goes out to the families and friends of those who lost their lives. I know no words to say that could offer any comfort but my thoughts are with them. Chris Baker with a wife and new baby. . . so sad. I wish Travis and Adam a healthy recovery. They are both talented men. Burns of that degree are very critical and I hope there is no infection for either one of them and they find the strength to pull through. I also hope the media and papparazzi keep their shutters off the families while they recover. We don't want to see the "$$ shot" of their scars. Let them heal in peace.
joannn joannn 9 years
OMG...I really dont know what to say now. My deepest sympathies to the loved ones of those involved. And to Travis Barker and DJ AM: I really hope they pull through this. God Bless.
foxie foxie 9 years
I live in Augusta, it's so weird to think all this is happening not 15 minutes from my house. It's so sad, I feel terrible for the assistant's wife. I can't imagine the happiest day of my life being turned into the saddest one.
heyjupiter heyjupiter 9 years
Thoughts and prayers to everyone and their families involved in this terrible accident. Travis like him or not as a person, is the best drummer alive.
mellow2424 mellow2424 9 years
An update just came up on E! - that DJ AM suffered burns to over 50% of his body, including his face. Travis's burns are all from the waist down.
snowbunny11 snowbunny11 9 years
Um, what not to read before you go out: Michael K on dlisted just posted that one of the reasons they were flying on a private jet (Barker usually travels commercial) is because his assistant Chris Baker's wife was going into labor, and he wanted to get Baker to his wife asap. Baker's wife went into labor this morning. I think this makes us all want to hug those we love a little closer...that has to be the saddest thing ever.
bgirl bgirl 9 years
I found out about this very, very late last night (shall I say early morning), and I live about 1 mile from the crash site. I was in a state of shock, and still feel like it is unbelievable, driving on 302 all the time, and seeing planes landing/taking off overhead above your car. I cannot even imagine being that eyewitness, seeing a ball of flames, and two men on fire...and all of this happened down the road. May those who died R.I.P, and my prayers are with Travis and DJ AM right now to fight this out as they have their whole lives ahead of them.
myheartisinwa myheartisinwa 9 years
This is so sad... I just posted a get well message on two sites someone put up to tell them their fans are thinking of them. If anyone's interested in doing the same, you can go to or It looks like the same site on both; I don't know if you need to go to both of them or if one will do the trick. Someone was passing out the URL today in Columbia.
kitandkaboodle kitandkaboodle 9 years
What horrible news! I can't imagine what the families who have lost loved ones in the crash are going through, and Travis and Adam who have such a long road of recovery before them. So sad.
little-k little-k 9 years
Prayers go out to those so critically injured and also for those who did not make it. Just terrible, terrible news.
cibele cibele 9 years
That's really sad. And this private jets are really dangerous :(
kia kia 9 years
This is so sad. I love watching the two of them perform together. They seem like all right guys beyond their music. I am saddened for everyone involved, especially the families of the deceased.
BostonChick BostonChick 9 years
Terrible news. My heart goes out to the families and friends of everyone involved. It's such a shame 4 people had to loose their lives. But I hope Travis and Adam make full recoveries.
blackhole blackhole 9 years
How sad. Terrible for those who lost their lives and I hope this two will make it.
leeluvfashion leeluvfashion 9 years
Just awful and so very sad. I wish Travis and Adam a speedy recovery and hope all goes well for them right now. Such a sad time for all parties involved. May they be watched over and prayed for.
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