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DulceSkye DulceSkye 10 years
Are her eyes really that blue? They're very pretty.
BlondeSugar BlondeSugar 10 years
Just stop. Her lips look ridic.
vmruby vmruby 10 years
She needs to find a new fake tan.This girl always has an orange tint to her.......
robynlouise84 robynlouise84 10 years
She looks a little like Nicole Kidman in that first picture!
flutterpie flutterpie 10 years
ugh she is a moron, i feel embarassed for her im just an orange county girl, living in an extraordinary world
aras8218 aras8218 10 years
she looks so seriouse
stickyheels stickyheels 10 years
have her eyes always been blue??!??!
noone noone 10 years
I love her. DJ LL get on her spin master back in early 06 at Gap Party and big gig at Tommy Hilfiger party in Paris She's official DJ duo with Steve Aoki at Les Deux for Mean Magazine Party so she got paid.(very expensive)
kwilson6 kwilson6 10 years
Nice fake blue contacts LL!
amofoz amofoz 10 years
I like how she's concentrating super hard as if her life depended on it.
Pinkgasoline Pinkgasoline 10 years
LL needs to loose the blue contacts..she has such nice eyes. "2 Parts Champagne, 1 Part Gasoline"
miss915 miss915 10 years
she cant stay away from any club can she $~
etcetera etcetera 10 years
the girl cannot's a joke. i have invited her to dj a couple of times and all she does is jerk the fader around and look really serious. its embarrassing. plus the "dust" she leaves on the 1s and 2s makes everything dirty.
OliverCakery OliverCakery 10 years
New Career Move!
kaylensmommy06 kaylensmommy06 10 years
Um....I've never heard her mix...but my assumption is that she must suck. Look how serious she looks! It all appears so fake!
JenzUrFriend JenzUrFriend 10 years
i love eliot yamin, seems like a really nice guy <3
ccsugar ccsugar 10 years
I really like her hair color here.
VaneM77 VaneM77 10 years
OMG that's so Elliot! I love his voice....seeing him just reminds me how much Taylor truly sucked!!! And wow Jake from One Tree Hill with Laura Prepon!!
estahrox estahrox 10 years
Those lips look a bit herpes-ish.
kendalheart kendalheart 10 years
I could never see her again and i would be completely happy with that!
lisjaka lisjaka 10 years
Elliot is the guy from American Idol. I read he has a CD coming out soon. To go from a runner up on AI to partying with Lindsay Lohan, I guess you know need to win American Idol to hang out a celebrity.
se se 10 years
is it just me or does it look like she had some restylane injected in her lips?
skinny-fat skinny-fat 10 years
WTF did Lohan do to her lips? She looks like Alicia Silverstone in those pics. I don't know how she's going to stay sober if all she does is hang in clubs where everybody's drinking or drugging.
cari907 cari907 10 years
luv her glad shes back
blogsap blogsap 10 years
or dj
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