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Kimberly14782633 Kimberly14782633 4 years
she's looking straight at the camera and smiling, she doesnt look worried about the pictures. if she really didnt want pictures being taken, when she saw the cameras she wouldve tried to hide her somehow. She is absolutely adorable!
Shamsa14757091 Shamsa14757091 4 years
omfg that black lady
SPN-Fan SPN-Fan 4 years
So excited to finally see JJ! She is really cute! Can't wait to see her with Daddy. Can't wait for Season Nine.
linsxx3 linsxx3 4 years
Ok everyone needs to CALM down. First I respect Danneel and Jensen and I understand completely that they did not want their babies picture out there until they could put out pictures themselves. But then again they know what industry they are in and they know exactly how the paparazzi are. It was only a matter of time before the pictures came out somehow and they should have been prepared for that. They just can't walk into an airport knowing that they are both popular celebrities and the paparazzi is out there just waiting for the opportune moment. Did they really think that paps wouldn't take pictures? Do I feel bad bad that these pictures were out before the Ackles wanted? Yes I do. But like I said they know how the industry that they work in is. The paparazzi don't care and neither does this website. Oh another note. their baby is freaking GORGEOUS. And Danneel looks lovely as a mother.
snoopycrab snoopycrab 4 years
Everyone having a coronary over these pictures need to take a step back. I get that they didn't want the photos of the baby released before they could do it themselves. But, that horse has left the barn. Too late to take them back now. You do understand that Popsugar is celebrity gossip site, run by professionals with a legal team. If the legal team thought at any given time that the site would be held liable in anyway, they wouldn't have allowed this up to begin with. If the parents were concerned in ANY WAY the photos would have been removed by now. The PARENTS or their legal representatives would be the only ones who could ask that these photos be removed. Given that they are still up here, and now proudly featured on US Weekly, I'm guessing they don't have that big of an issue. To those of you who think that this wasn't done as a deliberate PR move, you've got some issues. If I didn't know who Jensen Ackles was, I wouldn't know who his wife was. I've never seen anything she's in and its not like she's been in anything worthwhile, really. This means most people wouldn't recognize her. Which means that the photographer knew she was going to be there, and knew to sell it to a particular site to get the most money. Stop being offended on their behalf. You won't become their hero nor will they give you a mention in their next interview.
Chloe14745359 Chloe14745359 4 years
"I'm so ashamed that this was how I first saw their baby" - all of you. If you are so ashamed, why did you open the link?
Dean14745200 Dean14745200 4 years
Chelsea14744912 Chelsea14744912 4 years
What part of THEY DO NOT want pics up do people not get. If they okay ed this then YAY but I do not think they did. This is so disrespectful and this should be taken down.Yes I have been excited to see what Princess Ackels looks like but I would rather see what she looks like with the consent of her parents
ifan13 ifan13 4 years
I love the Ackles' and I really hate that this is how I ended up seeing photos of their child. As excited as I've been to get to see what she looks like, I would have been happy to wait until JJ's parents chose to share her with the world. By posting these photos, you have taken away their right to choose the world's first view of their child. That is wrong, and you should be ashamed.
Jes14744807 Jes14744807 4 years
These photos without the expressed permission of both Danneel and Jensen should be taken down. They specifically asked that photos of Justice not to be taken and spread about on the internet and as decent human beings you should have adhered to their wishes respectfully. Justice is just one month old, and Danneel and Jensen are new parents, show a little decency two these two fantastic people and treat them with the respect they deserve. If they want photos of their daughter shown, they will let us know. Until then, as far as fans are aware jensen and Danneel DO NOT WANT JJ TO BE PUBLICICSED AND EXPLOITED THIS WAY.
Phoenix14744714 Phoenix14744714 4 years
Jensen and Danneel have made it known that they do not wish pictures of JJ to be released unless they release the pictures themselves via Danneel's Twitter. Please respect their wishes and remove these pictures. Respect the family's privacy, please.
Karine14744491 Karine14744491 4 years
To respect the privacy of Danneel and Jensen and their families, I would like this article to be removed because Jensen does not want photos of her daughter disclosed to the big day. So please respect their choice to preserve this little girl who did not ask all here and who prefers to grow with the love of his parents and his family instead of showing the world.
frownsloudly frownsloudly 4 years
To everyone saying, “She's clearly aware of the pics and is not doing anything to cover up the baby." So, what we're saying is that if they don't say “No!" loudly enough in a clearly defined manner every single time they're in public no matter what else is going on, no matter what they might be doing, no matter who they're with, or whether or not someone has a telephoto lens trained on them then consent should be understood? This is what we're going with? Because when I read “she's not doing anything to cover her face" all I can see is “she was asking for it — just look at what she was wearing." Did they know photos would be posted online? Absolutely. Did they ask for fans not to spread them around if that happened? Yes. If you'd feel comfortable having a face to face discussion with them, today, and tell them that you feel comfortable spreading the pics because she didn't cover JJ's face and you honestly think they'd be more than happy about your decision, then have it. Reblog to your heart's content. Just, let's stop with the “she didn't do anything to stop it, so she was consenting" argument. It's really creepy. -- tumblr user clavally
Allison14744483 Allison14744483 4 years
Even if the photos get deleted off this website. They're still going to be out there. What gets posted on the Internet is there forever. I'm a fan of them too, but you people are overreacting. It's up to them to get these photos taken down if those were their wishes. You can not control others actions. I would not have taken a photo if I was the one that saw her, but what's done is done.
SPNfan SPNfan 4 years
I've been reading comments here and on Facebook surrounding these photos. Months ago the fans were asked by Jensen and Danneel to not share/post pictures of JJ until they posted them themselves. The fact that the paparazzi got some pictures of them does NOT mean that the fans should be spreading it around. As stated before, it is clear that Danneel isn't happy about her photo being taken (her smiled is forced), but she wasn't going to be rude and make a face. The only thing the fans can do now is make sure that the links to these photos stop floating around.
ashhleyy ashhleyy 4 years
Paparazzi photos aren't any better than leaked personal photos. Just because Danneel is "smiling" (it's clearly forced) doesn't mean that is approval for these photos to be sold and posted. Danneel is a lovely woman so of course she's not going to be rude. Both Jensen and Danneel have openly stated that they wanted to share their own pictures of their baby girl on their own time and when they were ready. Let them enjoy being parents. And let them enjoy the normalcy while it lasts. This is a moment they should share on their own time with their own fans! I know there's nothing we can do now , but hopefully no one circulates any more photos past this point.
MartinaKuchen MartinaKuchen 4 years
I love Danneel Harris and Jensen Ackles, and I am deeply saddened by the fact that this is how I ended up seeing photos of their child. As excited as I've been to get to see what she looks like, I would have been happy to wait until the parents chose to share photos of their choosing. By posting these photos, you have taken away their right to choose the world's first view of their child. That is wrong, and you should be ashamed.
Sam93 Sam93 4 years
On the other hand, in defense of Danneel, a smile means nothing. If you're allowed to infer that a smile means she's okay with it than I'm allowed to infer that that's not a happy smile. Other pictures of Danneel at events, and even candid paparazzi photos, show her smiling wide and showing her teeth. This is a tight lipped smile that she's forcing for the cameras.
Sam93 Sam93 4 years
I think you're all a little confused and overreacting. As far as we know, Jensen and Danneel never went out of their way to contact media and ask every single online "news" source not to post pictures of their daughter. A lot of people probably don't actually know anything about Jensen and Danneel, just that they're famous and have fans that they expect want to see pictures. Jensen's comments were addressed to the fans. It was asking the fans not to circulate them. I don't condone paparazzi taking picture of any child, but it's not illegal. It's gross, but this is their job. Their job is to post what they think people are interested in. There's a lesson in all of this that I don't think you're understanding. You can't control the press and media just like you can't control anyone else in your life. You can only control your own actions which means not circulating the photos. It's not your job to police media articles because they're not all fans who know what the parents asked for.
klutzygirl klutzygirl 4 years
April, why would she be okay with people taking pictures of her kid to show their friends or because they were cute? That's would be really creepy and so much worse than pap photos. And let's not say she would show displeasure by punching the pap. She could have looked angry or hid JJ.
April14744303 April14744303 4 years
@NancyBudge: Oh, how cute. What, and I'm not allowed to have bad days because children in Africa are starving? Grow up. People are calling a spade a spade and pointing out there's worse things to be bothered about does not negate the fact this is messed up. @Klutzygirl: I won't pretend to know the story. But honestly? It's possible that she thought someone was taking it to show their friends or because they were cute, not the whole internet.Considering she had her arms full of baby, she didn't exactly have a choice to cover her face or hands or make a rude gesture. All she could do was go with it. Besides, if she made a stink, the headlines would be all "Danneel Ackles punches a pap!" So, don't pretend that she's happy about this. And yeah, the pictures are out, but we can get them taken down and encourage people to not spread them around. I just want to make a big sign that says "Smiling does not equal consent to do whatever you want." This should be common sense.
NancyBudge NancyBudge 4 years
I decided to share this article. I think the photos are lovely. I have never seen so many people spend so much time protecting a celebrity. Really, people, you should get upset about people in your community loosing their jobs and homes. People are going hungry and they are sick with no way of getting proper health care. Police the government, they same way you police the internet. Our world may be a better place. Put your energy where it counts.
klutzygirl klutzygirl 4 years
And she's smiling. I understand they asked pictures not be posted, but they were most likely referring to private photos, like what happened with Thomas. I could understand this massive overreaction if she was upset, but she's smiling. Just calm down and the pictures are out there now. There's nothing that can be done about that.
April14744303 April14744303 4 years
@Klutzygirl: The fact that these pictures are not private doesn't make it better. They explicitly did not want any pictures of their daughter taken, much less posted online publicly for profit. You can't expect her to keep her baby inside forever, especially because she was clearly getting on a plane, so people should have the basic common decency to meet her wishes.
megan12479 megan12479 4 years
As a fan of Jensen and Danneel Ackles I am upset that these photos are on here. They personally asked not to have any pictures posted of their daughter without their permission. This is very disrespectful to the Ackles family.
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