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In these pictures David Arquette stopped by TRL to promote his new shows Dirt and In Case of Emergency. However, it was his visit to Howard Stern that is causing headlines. Even though he was there to talk about his shows Howard worked the conversation around to Jen and Brad's break-up. Of course, David has the inside scoop since they were all best friends. In the interview David swears he doesn't hold anything against Brad, and claims he never saw Jen cry through the whole thing! Here's more:

Howard: How hard it must have been for you, your wife is best friends with Jennifer Aniston, so you're in the middle of that whole thing.
David: Jennifer's great. When the marriage ended, it was sad.

Howard: Do you have to act like Brad's an ass all the time?
David: No, I love Brad, he's a great guy. He did some stuff that hurt our friend, but you know...

Howard: Do you ever see Jen cry?
David: No, no, never, not one tear shed.

Howard: How did you hear that Brad split? Did Courtney tell you?
David: Um, we knew, we all knew about it.

Howard: When did you find out he was sleeping with Angelina, did you know that?
David: That part was pretty much a surprise.

Howard: Did you give Jen advice, talk to her about her marriage?
David: In general, I think that if something's not working out between people, you just move on.

Howard: Well they were working until Angelina came along..
David: Yeah, they wouldn't have broke up if not for that. [laughs]

Howard: I don't think Jen should hate her, she should hate Brad not Angelina.
David: I don't think Jennifer hates her either, I don't think it's like that. The way they depict it is completely wrong. She's a very strong woman, she's totally solid and she's just got a great attitude.

Howard: Have you talked to Brad?
David: I spoke to him once. We didn't actually speak, I texted him, I just said congratulations on the baby and he wrote back.

Who knew Howard was so obsessed with the whole thing. As for David, he also gushed about his love for his wife and daughter. Sounds like he is a very happy man. For lots more images of David goofing it up on TRL just














Join The Conversation
JennaV JennaV 10 years
Jesus, that was harsh. David Arquette is not a loser.....puh-leez
Cairo Cairo 10 years
Yeah right Jen didn't shed a tear in private, the B*tch saved all her crying for her VF interview and Oprah and all the other interviews this fuggly could find to do! LOL David Arquette is a Loser!
Charmer07 Charmer07 10 years
david arquette is a loser!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
cari907 cari907 10 years
wow howard was very blunt "sleeping with angelina" wow and seriously david probly wanted 2 talk about his show not angie and brad
siouxsie siouxsie 10 years
oh comon blonde- lighten up- you have to admit the idea of a semi-automatic uterus is pretty funny? visually- if anything else :-)
BlondeSugar BlondeSugar 10 years
Move on, people.
llg1113 llg1113 10 years
or an ovary-oozie
siouxsie siouxsie 10 years
would that be a semi-automatic uterus? :-)
slopsuga slopsuga 10 years
Hey, where is my post?
EdwinaTheLovely EdwinaTheLovely 10 years
llg11113.....I also believe it's just as wrong to allow someone to trust that they're headed in a planned and promised direction only to constantly find again and again that there's yet another stop to be made before getting to the discussed destination. A woman can just as easily manipulate "the promise of things to come" via her womb and it's naive to believe that doesn't happen.
llg1113 llg1113 10 years
Fantasia, I completely agree with you. Only pathetic women have children to try and keep a man. Children should be born to add to a family not save it. It is no longer a womans responsability to only clean house and birth a litter of children. I actually think it shows maturity and self respect not to try and use your uterus as a weapon.
Fantasia1 Fantasia1 10 years
i like both brad and angelina but i dont defend them at all... yea he fell in love with another women, but he cant just fall in love out of nothing, alot of days in the week that built that love a whole lot of cheating days.. another thing if it was jennifer that fell in love and cheated and left brad, she would still be blamed . so in the end its her fault in both ways right. and stop blaming it on not having children at the moment becuz thats sad to think that a woman is complete only when having a child! thats very 18century! its 2007!
Jinx Jinx 10 years
If anyone could have diverted the questions from Howard Stern, it would have been David, imo. ------------------------------------------------------ Imagination is more important than knowledge. Knowledge is limited. — Albert Einstein
llg1113 llg1113 10 years
Why is it that just about EVERYTIME Angelina is attacked for her role in breaking up this particular relationship people bring up the fact that she has adopted children? I'm not attacking her for her adoption choices. So many of you say get over it, move past it but as long as the media is reporting on it fans of either side continue to take interest. I can't stand Brad or Angelina because of how they handeled THIS situation. Call it sick, call it sad, call it whatever the hell you want but celebrities realize that the public is fickle and for them, image is everything. So they lost some fans, and gained some. It is similar to the Bill Clinton situation..if his personal life would have been exposed while he was runing for election some people could put it aside and others couldn't.
kafarine-tin-tin kafarine-tin-tin 10 years
He handled it well.
siouxsie siouxsie 10 years
UGHUGHGUGH>..just let the brad/angelina/jen slugfest end already! GODDAMN! are these actors' careers so pathetic that this is all we can pay attention to? i used to like angelina and brad's movies- now I can't watch them because I am sooooooooooooooooooo sick of hearing about them and all the stupid slugfests between the jen fans and the angelina fans and how anytime one story about them pops up- everyone has to argue their side about something that happened well over a year ago. ENOUGH ALREADY! and damn you David for talking about it - you should have just said it needed to be buried like any other dead thing. ARRRGH
EdwinaTheLovely EdwinaTheLovely 10 years
I saw the show, and lets just say that it seemed seriously like David A was "not winging it." What really puzzled me is the lulls in between the questins Robin and Howard were shooting at the guy. David is just sitting there, and instead of saying "no more," it was like he was waiting for them to ask more! He seems to start to get uncomfortable and his voice is trailing off and then and only then did he give me the impression finally that "damn, maybe I said to much."
hotstuff hotstuff 10 years
Clarhina.....the sad thing is Jen has made several movies since the split but they are ALL so horrible that no one talks about her work not even her fans. If people didn't talk about this there would be nothing else to talk about when it comes to Jen she's boring as hell!
clarinha clarinha 10 years
slopsuga, how about the good things that Angelina does, like giving way millions of dollars, adopting and giving a home to miserable kids, traveling to poor countries to help, this doesnt count right? becuase all that matters is that she hurt the precios Jennifer. Give me a break, you people live in some gossip universe, that the only thing that matters is who is doing who. also look at Jennifer life, she got dumped (twice), her movies bombed and she isnt hot stuff like 3 years ago, it this Karma? of course NOT, its called life, its hard and painful.
kittycat kittycat 10 years
clarinha: Howard: When did you find out he was sleeping with Angelina, did you know that? David: That part was pretty much a surprise. Howard: Well they were working until Angelina came along.. David: Yeah, they wouldn't have broke up if not for that. [laughs] uh....LOL..
clarinha clarinha 10 years
lg113, could you tell WHAT exacly Brad and Angelina did that was so cruel? He fell in love for another woman, TOLD HIS WIFE about, tried to work things out, it didnt worked, they separated, and he moved on with his life and ALSO JENNIFER. iTS the media that is doing this carnaval about, all the involed moved on from this crap in 2006. they werent the right person to eac other, its that so hard to understand?
EdwinaTheLovely EdwinaTheLovely 10 years
slopsuga........I've learned that people who like to tell KARMA just who it's gonna get generally haven't a clue what the word means. In their minds its defined as some cosmic revenge let loose on one human who's done another human wrong. Well using that theory (wrong as it is), ask yourself, "wouldn't the dumpee and not the dumper be the one experiencing the alledged "bad KARMA?"
llg1113 llg1113 10 years
I can't believe people still defend Angelina Jolie or Brad Pitt. You can still be a fan but there is no way to defend what they did. It is heartless, crude, and insensitive. Instead of denying the whole thing BOTH of them should have apologized privately and then maybe people could move on. It was just an asshole move and the denials make it worse.
slopsuga slopsuga 10 years
I HOPE karma kicks Angie bad, really bad!
EdwinaTheLovely EdwinaTheLovely 10 years
Well I was wondering when the "Angelina is a HOMEWRECKING wh*re" banner was gonna get its daily wave on............thanx rubialala!
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