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David Beckham and Victoria Beckham Together For Armani Underwear

Which Beckham Armani Underwear Ad Is the Sexiest?

We all drooled over David Beckham's hot Armani underwear ads, and most of you loved Victoria's poses in her skivvies as well. Now we've got a brand new photo of both Beckhams together in their underwear, so tell us — which Beckham Armani ad is the sexiest?

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sasharenee sasharenee 7 years
She is blocking my view.
californiagirlx7 californiagirlx7 8 years
I like the one both. The picture screams "sexual tension," like they are mad at each other but can't stay away.
italianblonde italianblonde 8 years
I'll take David alone, please.
acyl acyl 8 years
They look like they're having a their underwear!
jaan_black jaan_black 8 years
um, his
hills hills 8 years
tbh i think victorias was the sexist she looks so chic and gorgeous that it actually beat davids for me....not that i swing that way
cupcakeemmi cupcakeemmi 8 years
She looks like a boy, I hate the short hair
French-Kiss French-Kiss 8 years
I said both cause on the one where they are both, they are perfect ! But even as individuals they look good to me ^^ I'm not found of them two though, and Victoria is a bit too skinny...
TiKiBoo TiKiBoo 8 years
i voted for both - i just like seeing this couple together :)
udasan udasan 8 years
They are both gorgeous! They are both in the (half) naked together in the same pic/ad is way, way more perfect! This pic (of them together) is waaaay better than the ones in the W mags. ;D
tammibree tammibree 8 years
Becks looks amazing. To be honest, I think long hair is way sexier in an underwear ad--Posh rocks the pixie cut but it's just a little androgynous for this kinda work.
Lukin Lukin 8 years
I really can't get into these two.
LadyLiLa83 LadyLiLa83 8 years
Where's the "neither" option?
Cinquettacubina2 Cinquettacubina2 8 years
Is that a soccer ball or is he just happy to be there?
glam-sugar glam-sugar 8 years
lilflowa lilflowa 8 years
Love them individually but the one with both is hotter! Even tho i think its just photoshopped together haha
jessie jessie 8 years
i think they are both hot!
Caribbean24 Caribbean24 8 years
They both look hot but David's ad was incredible!
SKC-Sparkle SKC-Sparkle 8 years
The one of them together makes each of them look so isolated - it almost looks like they were shot individually and photoshopped together. It is odd that they were not able to capture even a bit of chemistry between the two.
ilanac13 ilanac13 8 years
i was just waiting for the one with both of them together - which is by FAR the steamiest!
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