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dcjerzeygrl dcjerzeygrl 9 years
One of my NYC friends sent me this.......I thought they were cute together. Why are guys so stupid? [Just Sayin' Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard may be official, but Dax thinks he's still kindof sortof on the market. Funnyman Shepard has a thing for other blonds, we've heard and seen. His MO is sending ladies (other than Bell) late-night text requests for naughty pictures of themselves. He's a big fan of leg shots!]
ravenvixen222 ravenvixen222 9 years
I'd like for her to go out with Zachary Levi; I think they'd look cute together
wakeupandora wakeupandora 9 years
dax kind of looks like zach braff
bellatrixxx bellatrixxx 9 years
wasn't she dating zachary quinto?
jabongajo jabongajo 9 years
why why why!
pink_magnetism pink_magnetism 9 years
roor roor 9 years
I love Kristen and all, but now it seems like she's everywhere - at all the parties etc, now she's found herself a "famous" guy to date . hmmmm.
Lizzy-p Lizzy-p 9 years
Wow.. that is fast... actors are funny. But daaaamn at her just walking out. lol
Tonjalasagna Tonjalasagna 9 years
Dax is a good, funny, slightly twisted Midwestern boy. BooYah! Kristen knows what makes her happy and she's goin for it. Good Luck you two cuties!
Black-Velveteen Black-Velveteen 9 years
Ugh... he is not even remotely cute. Something off about his face, it bugs the hell outta me. I can't look at him too long. Big weenis or not, there's something about him that screams 'psycho' to me. :sick:
untitled1 untitled1 9 years
She looks gorgeous as usual, I love her jeans.
designerel designerel 9 years
He is so awkward-looking. How is it that he's getting with these hot, in-demand actresses?
Karma-Co Karma-Co 9 years
Hmm... Dunno if i like this pairing. Weird!
ShannonSoCrazy ShannonSoCrazy 9 years
Maybe Dax is actually a nice guy.
msshellokitty msshellokitty 9 years
She looks so young in those pics.For a minute I thought maybe Dax had a daughter.Especially that first picture.They seem like an odd couple.
7kimba7 7kimba7 9 years
Ha.. I was very distressed when I first saw those pics.. it looks like he's with a little kid!
Merlin713 Merlin713 9 years
Ehhh, whatever. They're both weird, and I don't care for her...
raieven raieven 9 years
ugh she is REALLY starting to bother me now. seriously.
lorenashley lorenashley 9 years
neither one is attractive at all.
tiabia tiabia 9 years
He's got a big...comedic timing? Apparently he's funny, which goes along way!!!
tkoblondee tkoblondee 9 years
kellylouise I agree 100% !
CoMMember13630786602261 CoMMember13630786602261 9 years
no..this is wierd and I dont like it. They make an odd couple..she could do way better. (who is this guy, anyway?) I just IMDBed him and apperently he works pretty steadily in hollywood...wierd. He also has the same birthday as me...even wierder
her jeans are super cute
erinflower erinflower 9 years
She can do so much better!
LaLaLaurie06 LaLaLaurie06 9 years
ugh. what do these women see in him?
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