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Denise and Charlie Play Nice

Denise and Charlie may have split but that doesn't mean she is not family oriented. In fact, Denise loves to celebrate the holidays with her girls. She took her 2 year-old daughter Sam out to the Los Angeles Ballet premiere of The Nutcracker this weekend. Denise definitely looks happy these days. Maybe it has something to do with the fact that her divorce is finalized and she is on good terms again with Charlie. In fact Charlie even says he's glad that Denise is with Richie. Here's more:

"To know that it's somebody decent and smart and a good parent to be around your children, that's a good thing," he told Ellen DeGeneres on her daytime talk show.

Sheen's new girlfriend is actress/real estate investor Brooke Mueller, 29. Richards has similarly extended an olive branch to Mueller.

"Denise wants her to feel comfortable," a Richards pal told PEOPLE last month. "She put together a bag with toys for her and the girls (Lola and Sam) along with a card telling her she's glad (Brooke) makes their father so happy."

It's good to see a divorce that almost went very bad take a turn for the better so that they could work together. It sure makes it better for the kids. For more pics just





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Liza Liza 10 years
I'm going to be in the complete and utter minority of people and actually stand up for Denise, because the contempt displayed somehow manages to really make me want to support her. I can't believe that people would make such radical and steadfast assumptions based on tabloid stories that are most likely biased towards the more established and bankable stars anyway (Heather and Charlie). The problem here is that Denise somehow doesn't have that force of protection around her, in more ways than one given the lack of security on the set of Blonde and Blonder (Pamela Anderson confirmed this). Herself and Charlie split last March, she gave it another go after he completed a stint in rehab and found out that there were other things going on which gave cause for concern, so she walked away, the situation escalated to the point where she felt she needed assistance of the court. Seems to me she called Charlie out on his behaviour and he is now working withher rather than against her to raise the children. It was clearly important to have some distance between them whilst the custody situation was being looked in to, and now it is cleared up and both Denise and Charlie are comfortable with the situation there is no longer any need for court assistance. That does NOT denote that she was ''lying'', or that she is now ignoring problems with Charlie. He is the children's father and no matter what she does as long as he displays a willingness to be aroudn the children she cannot really stop him, and it is important to remember that she ALWAYS maintained that she wants the children to have a great relationship with their father. So surely the outcome was good in the end and the restraining order important to ensure that whilst certain factors about Charlie's lifestyle were being considered in the courtroom, that Denise and the children remained safe? It's not fair to slam her with that, she has to raise her children and IF she did something wrong then she will have to live with it forever, so I cannot see that this was ever done lightly or without great consideration. I remain on her side about that and trust that she put the children first. As for Richie and Heather, the reasons for their marriage ending were between them. I don't believe Denise had anything to do with that, for many many reasons which I'm not going to bore you with here, but largely because timings don't fit (it would have been virtually impossible for them to have physically been together prior to March 2006 because of tour dates, Denise being photographed virtually every day through the months of November-January whilst herself and Charlie were publicly reconciling and then she re-filed for divorce obviously attracting tabloid/paparazzi attention so she was definitely in LA). OF COURSE I'm not discounting the POSSIBILITY of other forms of contact. The public (meaning me, I guess) could never know about e-mails, phonecalls etc, but I do know that Bon Jovi barely breathed between September-February with their schedule. HOWEVER Heather and Denise were together on New Years Eve as everyone knows. It would have taken the biggest nerve in the world for Denise to have gone out with Heather whilst being in contact with Richie. So because of that, I do not believe there was very much if any chance of contact between Denise and Richie until Bon Jovi came back to play in LA, which then led to a 2 week break for the band. I DO, however, believe it is possible that Denise could have been at that show and ''gone after'' Richie, but at the same time if she was sat in the audience with everyone else as has been claimed, then how come no one saw her? Far bigger stars have been spotted, even Michael Douglas, so why not Denise? Most likely because she either wasn't there or because she was backstage. Either way, the only murky patch I can see is whether she went to that show with the express interst of seeing Richie, only she will ever know that, but since no one actually saw her there it is only gossip, and bad gossip at that. Richie also had Ava at that show, along with the rest of her class from school who all sat in a special VIP enclosure in the audience, and had her that whole weekend, so talk of a ''party'' may also have been premature given that he did have Ava that whole time (note I said MAY, of course he could still have had a party but he wouldn't have actually spent much time with Ava since Christmas at that point, would a party be top of his list? Unless his friends wanted to show support to him since they hadn't actually seen him since Heather filed for divorce...) So, I don't believe anything could have happened until Richie went back to LA. Which would mean Heather and Richie's marriage had already ended a good few months prior anyway at that point, and possibly longer than that even given Richie would barely have seen Heather since the previous September. Given what I believe, Denise wrecked NO home. She and Richie were by this stage both out of their marriages and both understood what eachother had gone through, no explanations involved. They had a strong long-standing friendship and wanted to support eachother. Things developed. How on EARTH does that make Denise bad? Heather may have had a shock, and may have been upset by it, but at the same time her marriage to Richie was over AND she was already dating someone David Spade (who despite all denials she is still in contact with nad is photographed with regularly) Given that Denise and Heather had already ended their friendship (both sides agree with that) and hadn't spoken for weeks if not months, what loyalties to anyone were left? Other than between Denise and might think I'm being harsh but sometimes things just happen and if Denise and Heather weren't even talking (and Denise had ended the friendship for specific reasons), then why should Denise and Richie lose the opportunity to find comfort and support in eachother, clearly neither of their exes were bothered. So yet again, I can only see Denise's POV and don't see why the public condemnation. She fell for Richie, she wasn't in contact with Heather. If ANYONE should have been aware of HEather it was Richie, since Heather will always remain part of his life. YET Heather and Richie have remained civil and indeed somewhat friendly through all this, despite what may have happened between them on BOTH sides. So if Heather and Richie have no issues, then WHY is DEnise continuing to be bullied, to all intents and purposes, by the general public? She and Heather weren't friends BEFORE anything happened with Richie. That friendship was already over. By the way, I find the whole Heidi Fleiss thing particularly distasteful since there has NEVER AT ANY POINT been any proof of that. She met Charlie on the movie ''Good Advice'' and didn't start dating him for 2 years after that. It is BAD gossip being circulated through the web that has no basis to it. Denise worked as a model from when she was 16 in various teen magazines, then moved into doing small roles in TV and progressing with her resume. She absolutely paid her dues until Starship Troopers came along. I happen to find her comedic roles extremely funny (Undercover Brother), and her performance in Wild Things was stand out. Her focus on TV didn't work out for her but she's clearly going back to the movie forum now and has got some pretty good roles coming up, such as a movie called ''Jolene'' with Donald Sutherland which sounds wonderful. All I'm saying is, there is MORE to this story than meets the eye, Denise has been left carrying the can for EVERYTHING which I find really sad, and the media clearly ran wild with the story. THAT is all I am saying. How on earth Charlie and Heather came out of this looking like ''victims'' of ANY sort completely baffles me to be honest. THAT is my opinion anyway. **PS as for the person who said Richie cheated, if that was so obvious why didn't ANYONE come forward when he even LAID DOWN THE GAUNTLET and SAID '' I remained faithful and I defy anyone to refute that''. NOT ONE. Secondly, clearly you don't know much about his relationship with Cher BUT if you did, then you would know that CHER PUBLICLY ADMITTED to getting back together with her ex whilst still dating Richie, despite her friends telling her she was an idiot. She even admitted WHEN it re-started with Rob, at her Atlantic City concert that he turned up to. Cher couldn't give either Richie or Rob up and flitted between them for four years, and in fact still runs to Rob when she can. So if Cher is carrying the blame, who are YOU to say that something differnet happened? Ok, rant over. Continue with the Denise-mauling. Just remember, things aren't as they appear to be.
vmruby vmruby 10 years
Ditto what Jennifer76 said..... and i want to add to that, how i really cannot stand Denise...........
SaRaH-22 SaRaH-22 10 years
now she looks better her than at the awards!
jennifer76 jennifer76 10 years
I've said this before, but either she's making nice with a physically abusive, child porn loving drug addict OR she publicly told hideous lies about the father of her children. HOW IS THIS GOOD?
BlondeSugar BlondeSugar 10 years
Nice to see they're being civil. Sam is adorable!
Luna13 Luna13 10 years
i dislike denise too, she isnt that great an actress nor is she exactly a role model of any sort...
paigesweetkisses paigesweetkisses 10 years
Sam is such a doll. I personally dislike Denise.
brokenhalo brokenhalo 10 years
I was referring to the laptop-throwing incident EP, the one where she took out 2 old ladies...
ethiopian_princess ethiopian_princess 10 years
I don't even know why I'm defending Denise. Probably for the same reason I defend LiLo, Gwyneth and Nicole. How exactly does she appear to be borderline psycho? The only thing that signals this was her willingness to marry Charlie Sheen and take him back after dumping him. He is absolutely not the type of person anyone should marry. I don't even understand why he wanted to be married. People don't like her because she's dating her former friend's ex. That is not an adequate reason for uninvolved parties to have such strong convictions about her morality. If you want to find valid reasons to call her a backstabber/sl-t, etc., then do so, but no one has yet to do this. I'll start with the sl-t accusations: she did nude scenes in movies and she married Charlie Sheen. I don't really thing anything's terribly wrong with the first one nor do I think it makes her slutty, but I'm sure some of you do.
brokenhalo brokenhalo 10 years
Whether Heather does or doesn't care that Denise took her ex, it doesn't detract from the fact that this woman appears to be a borderline psycho! Oh and Sam looks JUST like her daddy, wow!
ethiopian_princess ethiopian_princess 10 years
you people are ridiculous. the pseudo-loyalty for heather locklear is completely unwarranted considering her rap sheet. the weird thing is that heather doesn't seem to be b----ing and moaning about whether or not denise stole her man. if richie did leave heather for denise, it was with his own two feet. it wouldn't be the first time he's cheated (and i'm going to guess heather wasn't an angel in their relationship either...) as he notoriously stepped out on cher. the whole idea of stoning the other woman is absurd to me. i'm glad everyone appears to be getting on well if only for the sake of the children. the demi-bruce approach is far healthier than the alec-kim approach. if nothing else, i give them both points for putting their children's interest above their hatred of each other, sparing everyone decades of therapy.
JK-Boogie JK-Boogie 10 years
She did work for Heidi Fleiss how else do you think she ended up with Charlie the notorious hooker lover? Why anyone would want to pay her is beyond me...I have never seen the attraction...maybe it is the cheap look men go for.
amyfinke amyfinke 10 years
Has anyone ever seen a picture of Sam smiling? I understand she might be scared of the paps, but I don't think I've ever seen any candids of her smiling either...although I guess I wouldn't be happy either if I knew how much of a crazy bee-yotch my mom was :D
KatGoddess KatGoddess 10 years
jk we are on the same wavelength tonight!!! Btw, this is SOOOO crazy, but I just found out from my friend who is a pap that it was HIM (and some other canadian pap) whose laptop she through over a balcony!!!! He said she totally lost her shiznit, the filming was being done in a casino that was still open to the public and they had every right to be there and then all of a sudden she just totally went nuts and lost it. She is gross and not aging well at all I might add. She has that "I worked for Heidi Fleiss" look about her.
JK-Boogie JK-Boogie 10 years
When I see her face all I think of is B!TCH
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