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The Descendants Screenwriter Standing Like Angelina Jolie

Video: The Descendants Screenwriter Jokingly Re-Creates Angelina Jolie's Sexy Stance

Jim Rash, one of the winners of the best adapted screenplay Oscar for The Descendants, used his time on stage to show off his comedic take on Angelina Jolie's very sexy stance. Check out presenter Angelina in her leggy gown and see Jim try to re-create her pose in this funny clip.

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DPrice80 DPrice80 5 years
the old brangelina site asks an interesting question ...  
GossHog GossHog 5 years
When a wound is rubbed the wrong way, people react in a very callous way. Low self-esteem? You are beautiful just stop comparing yourself to her. You're all overreacting just because it's Angelina. I reckon she put on a show just for her hubby so he can rub it in front of his ex (the one that got away) just a weeee bit. And I'm not talking bout Jennifer (she's the rebound that lasted for too long from that ex).
Perfection2011 Perfection2011 5 years
Angie fan for sure - not so much a fan of the pose but this guy is a idiot.  They work so hard for their oscar - the descendants was a great movie and why take away from their award and movie by doing this?  Leave it for the late night comics and cable tv but why take away from your own achievement?  Nerves?
tina57 tina57 5 years
awe the poor fake , just needed to take away from her partner Brad. I told you all the old Angie is back. What a laugh. She wasn't haven't fun. She thinks shes the best looking woman ever, sorry Angie, next time keep that chicken leg in. I'm so happy you were made fun of, still LMFAO.!!!!  
BritB87 BritB87 5 years
Angie was having fun. Leave her alone !
Pursy Pursy 5 years
Haha haha haha. That's all. 
shoes4life shoes4life 5 years
Some people need to lighten up!  it's like bullying 101 in here and with some other blogs.  If Angelina does nothing and comes in and do her thing, she too uptight.  If she speaks, she trying to take the spotlight.  Tonight she was relaxed after a grueling travel schedule and completion of her promos for her movie which is a serious subject matter and she was having fun.  I saw what he did as a form of fun and flattery but the haters take it as mocking in a spiteful way.  You haters will always find a reason to slay her but hey it's your waste of time, not hers.    Thank goodness Angie don't take herself serious and enjoyed the night with her honey and family.  Angelina looked SMOKIN HOT and she felt good and I'm sure her man felt good for her and I bet they both had a hot night afterwards.   
qwaszx qwaszx 5 years
More like mocking Angelina Jolie
ojoba ojoba 5 years
Hehehe,Angie made me laugh non stop with the pose,starting on the red carpet to her presenting on stage.And Jim Rash kept me laughing.You can tell she was having fun with it,What a great sense of humor.Love,love,love her,Angie girl,You worked it to the max!!
jaan_black jaan_black 5 years
my husband could NOT stop was that? posing 101, please leave that to the girls with the insane bodies, I think I heard her hip old is she again? she's aging wonderfully - I kid, I kid
Deanie2312518 Deanie2312518 5 years
Hahaha ! They just want more attention by copying Angelina Jolie's sexy pose ! Sure that Angie won't mind about it cause she has big heart !  Thanks Angie for being appearing & supporting d OscaR on her presenting d award there.
Bazzy Bazzy 5 years
Her pose was so stupid and self indulgent. Jim Rash is the best! I clapped when he mocked her. She deserved it. 
GossHog GossHog 5 years
LOL. Jealous much peeps? I think it was done on purpose. The descendants being Clooney's film and Pitt and Clooney being mates, I don't think they would try to purposely mock Mrs Pitt without knowing she'd be OK with it or she's in on it. Angelina's always been skinny, there's an old YouTube clip of her when she was 16 and she was skinny then.
Bazzy Bazzy 5 years
Her pose was so stupid and self indulgent. Jim Rash is the best! I clapped when he did mocked her. She deserved it. 
sunnyheart sunnyheart 5 years
Angelina Jolie is just too, too thin to be attractive. Maybe it is hard for her to gain weight. I don't want to bash her for something that maybe she cannot control... but she can control her movements and her fashion... and that dress + that stance... = TOO MUCH. Put some clothes on, please. Gross.
Mimma-Soul-Sonik Mimma-Soul-Sonik 5 years
This was so awesome on so many levels, Jim Rash is the man lol.  Her stretching out her chicken leg through that slit was contrived and ridiculous.  Im glad someone had the nerve to poke some fun.
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