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sniffles sniffles 6 years
Why is he always wearing his commitment ring and she rarely wears hers? It's so obvious that he loves her, now if she could at least put some attempt into reciprocating the feeling for his fans. Everytime I see him flashing his ring around while she denies hers, makes me dislike him more and more.
Hibisko Hibisko 6 years
In my opinion are paparazzi. These photographers are very skillful. I think this couple are very attractive, people want to see them. I love to hear from them much more than Brangelina.
Eonyk Eonyk 6 years
@ObsessedWithTV - You may very well be right, but I still have doubts. For one the photos look grainy, they are not perfect quality. Secondly, Diane has said in the past that we'd never see her in sweats - yet here she is in sweats. If it was staged, why in a shopping centre, both dressed down so casually? And most of all - Diane seems known quite well in the US if you ask me. IMO, she's the reason we see so many pics of Josh, the paps don't care about him when he's by himself. So yeah.. think what you will... I just have doubts that these particular shots are so cunningly staged, as you think. Either way, I'm not gonna protest the photos, I loved seeing Josh and Diane together looking so cute and in love.
ObsessedWithTV ObsessedWithTV 6 years
I'm sorry but these photos are clearly staged. They aren't so big that the paparazzi follow them from hiking to food shopping. (Meaning, following them to 2 locations.) They aren't Bradgelina. And what corporate store allows paparazzi INSIDE of it to take photos of people shopping. My guess is her 'people' or Loreal paid for this 'photo session' to try to get her better known in the US, cause honestly no one knows or cares about her here.
noonehere noonehere 6 years
how long have they been together? They always look so much in love ...
pss pss 6 years
So cute couple. Every pic of them together they look so freakin in love.
Hibisko Hibisko 6 years
they are beautiful. The best couple, they look so cute! Josh.. beautiful legs, He should show them more often. He's so manly!
awesomepants awesomepants 6 years
best couple ever
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