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Dina Lohan Isn't Done Talking About Lindsay's Rehab Yet, Okay? - Just Blame it all on James Franco

Dina Lohan Isn't Done Talking About Lindsay's Rehab Yet, Okay? - Just Blame it all on James Franco

Well, it was only a matter of time, but here are the photos of Lohan as she was entering rehab. She brought snacks, obviously.

Meanwhile, the newest story about her last night on the town suggests that actor James Franco, and his disinterest in Linds, may have driven her to the reckless behavior that ended her up in the 'hab. You know, not to make anyone feel guilty or anything.

Lindsay may not yet have more to say about her progress, but, lucky us, Dina Lohan will verbally vomit for as long as her daughter recovers. People reports:

"This is a wonderful, giant step she's taking and it's all good," Dina Lohan said Thursday. "Hollywood's a really, really busy scary place and everything is under control."

Dina says she's proud that her 20-year-old daughter is mature enough to take care of herself and "not worry about what anyone's going to say about her."


"Everything's great and she's just getting a grip on her life," says Dina. "When I was 20 I don't know that I would be that strong to do that, so it's all good."

In terms of the facility where Lindsay is being treated, her mother says, "It's an outpatient program where, of course, (she'll be) in for the first week or two."

Dina also says that Lindsay will be back on set soon after the end of the inpatient weeks. Clearly, mom wants her little moneymaker back in the spotlight ASAP.

To see video of the "40-ish" Dina milking this for all it's worth, including a lovely little Starbucks plug just


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Dianna Dianna 10 years
Lohan's people already said that this mess about blaming Franco is simply not true. Sure, it makes for good paper but it's not supposed to be true. It HAS given him (& her) more publicity but is it worth it? He does NOT need to be with her. She's pretty & I loved her in FREAKY FRIDAY but she's just too 'out there'! He's quiet & shy & he's doing the right thing by being a gentleman about all this. He doesn't say much a bout it except that she's a friend & he hopes she gets well. Yep, that's a gentleman! - Dianna
clepiau clepiau 10 years
Everything's great, Dina? Really?? :oy: If you say so... I'm just glad Lindsay is so mature and capable of taking care of herself. *snicker*
AriStarsSoFar AriStarsSoFar 10 years
James Franco is too mature for Lindsay,he chills @ home alot and works on his work and increasing his education.I can see why he would turn her down.I would never say this about anybody but.......he's too good for her.Plus he's hott!
ninafromlola ninafromlola 10 years
***** The hat Lindsay is wearing is a LOLA NEW YORK Hat. You can buy them at the website or Their store in Southampton, NY. ******
yayita yayita 10 years
shes an awefull mom
RainbowCrayon RainbowCrayon 10 years
Her mom needs to shut her pie hole. How about instead of throwing yourself infront of the reporters to talk about LL, GO SUPPORT HER. Dumb bitch *~~Everyone who's anyone has been on sesame street.~~**
pink_zebra pink_zebra 10 years
of course she wants lindsay to get better so she can continue making money for the family. what does dina do anyways? nothing?
pink_magnetism pink_magnetism 10 years
Why is Dina still talking?
sherale sherale 10 years
When will celebs realizes that hiring parents as managers, is a bad idea.
melodicfixation melodicfixation 10 years
I'm not a big fan of Lindsay, but I think it's great that she's checking herself into rehab. It's a responsible decision that should have been made earlier. I guess it's just good that she finally did it. I wish her luck in recovery.
GolferGirl GolferGirl 10 years
"White Oprah" is a bigger fame whore than her trainwreck of a daughter. I love that James Franco turned her down. :ROTFL:
canthelpwatching canthelpwatching 10 years
Im so glad she's not my mom.
mar mar 10 years
her mom is really good at running to ET to get interviewed, yet, I never see her doing anything for her daughter, and that is her manager? LL really needs to get rid of this washed up, nose-less hobag.
kafarine-tin-tin kafarine-tin-tin 10 years
Doesnt she have a publicist or an agent to say these things for her?
kat2kool kat2kool 10 years
Dina is SCARY--I would not want her as a mother. She cannot even pronounce the word: "helicopter'--she said "HELLACOPTER"--it could just be her accent. I agree with most posters here--where was Dina when LL was a child? I think that Dina is making $$$ off of LL. GEEZ--Dina won't even admit her age--IMMATURE!
Imabeliever Imabeliever 10 years
LL has No hope for staying clean..she can leave whenever she wants, has Dina for a mother, a in and out of jail loser of a father, and too mcuh money for her own good. Good luck are going to need it.. otherwise I think the plot next to my beloved River is still available.
BlondeSugar BlondeSugar 10 years
Wow, Dina has a limited vocabulary, huh? "It's all good"?? Prob not what I would be saying if my 20 year old was entering rehab.
fashion_doll24 fashion_doll24 10 years
'Hollywood's a busy and scary place, but I don't mind, as looks as she delivers the cash!'
sashak sashak 10 years
I don't think this rehab deal will work b/c she was forced to go (see Val's post) She obviously isn't serious about it, what w/ giving OK! an interview the day after she checked in. & to blame the latest melt down on JF rejecting her?! OMG how pathetic! She has no concept of responsibility for her own actions. & Dina is clearly f'ed up as well. WTF do Jessica & Nick have to do w/ this?
pinkparadise42 pinkparadise42 10 years
Valeri, I do agree with you on the fact that a rehab where she comes and goes is not going to be the best.
lindaloo lindaloo 10 years
Do we even know what she is in rehab for? Has that been explained?
brokenhalo brokenhalo 10 years
Y'know, Dina's nearly completely to blame for Lindsey being such a trainwreck, IMO. She sets a terrible example for her daughter, and LL's dad sets an even worse one. I'm not saying that she shouldn't be held accountable for her own actions, but with parents like her's it really isn't suprising that she's so fukced up!
dreya dreya 10 years
STOP THE MADNESS!!! Since LL is 20, and an adult, she better start getting it together or there won't be any other great acting gigs for her. Unfortunately, Dina is keeping the cycle going by blaming someone else for Lindsay's problems. Don't you think that getting everything you want, from everyone, since day 1 creates a bit of a monster??? Well, she just checked herself into "rehab"!! I hope this is the real deal for her...I miss the "Parent Trap" days....oh, so innocent..
lickety-split lickety-split 10 years
pinkparadise, not exactly. the studio lindsey is currently shooting a film for couldn't get insurance to cover the cost of lindsey's missing days unless lindsey went into rehab. so miss lohan (should that me "mess lohan") was faced with either paying out of pocket for the delays she was causing or going to rehab. i think day rehab with the option of coming and going as she pleases is asking for trouble in this case. she doesn't recognize any limits for herself. this is setting her up for failure.
Deba Deba 10 years
well Lindsay you need to learn as Britney need to learn too, that you dont need a guy to depend on or to be happy
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