Well, it was only a matter of time, but here are the photos of Lohan as she was entering rehab. She brought snacks, obviously.

Meanwhile, the newest story about her last night on the town suggests that actor James Franco, and his disinterest in Linds, may have driven her to the reckless behavior that ended her up in the 'hab. You know, not to make anyone feel guilty or anything.

Lindsay may not yet have more to say about her progress, but, lucky us, Dina Lohan will verbally vomit for as long as her daughter recovers. People reports:

"This is a wonderful, giant step she's taking and it's all good," Dina Lohan said Thursday. "Hollywood's a really, really busy scary place and everything is under control."

Dina says she's proud that her 20-year-old daughter is mature enough to take care of herself and "not worry about what anyone's going to say about her."


"Everything's great and she's just getting a grip on her life," says Dina. "When I was 20 I don't know that I would be that strong to do that, so it's all good."

In terms of the facility where Lindsay is being treated, her mother says, "It's an outpatient program where, of course, (she'll be) in for the first week or two."

Dina also says that Lindsay will be back on set soon after the end of the inpatient weeks. Clearly, mom wants her little moneymaker back in the spotlight ASAP.

To see video of the "40-ish" Dina milking this for all it's worth, including a lovely little Starbucks plug just