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Britney has been overexposed for a long time, and judging from this week's magazine covers it's more out of control than ever. The latest in the saga is that her parents were planning on siding with Kevin in their legal battle, but backed out at the last minute in support of Brit. It's impossible to keep up with all the rumors so, we want to know - do you believe all of the crazy Britney stories?

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PinkNC PinkNC 10 years
Britney needs help yes....but NO. I will never believe everything that I read or hear. Nobody with any sense in life will ever do that.
giazpt giazpt 10 years
jillness you fool i never stated that angelina gets photographed in LA. Most of the time that she is photographed is overseas duh!
Jillness Jillness 10 years
To support my theroy that she has a deal with X17...they are the first ones to confirm that she WILL be performing at the VMAs, and she will be performing with Criss Angel. She will certainly need some magic, since her "comeback" perfomances were completely amateur and unprofessional.
hmr2505 hmr2505 10 years
Well, I definitely don't NOT believe the stories. I'm sure not 100% of each and every Britney story is true but at the same time, I really don't put ANYTHING past this girl.
chailce06 chailce06 10 years
Never!!! How Could I Trust Her To Be Good Mother??? Oh...i never see her relationship with her own childern while she always goes out with her cousin to shopping without she love Ali More Than Childern...How Cruel...nicole will beat her as best celebrity mom ( i BET)
hmweis1 hmweis1 10 years
The photos don't lie, and even if some of the stories are exaggerated, it's still obvious she's a complete mess.
pink_magnetism pink_magnetism 10 years
I think her behavior adds fuel to the flames, but that it is probably exaggerated.
justagirlMrs justagirlMrs 10 years
Just finished reading the rest of the comments... jilly and amanda... interesting read! I know people with BPD, and they are much more "functional" than BritBrit seems to be. I tend to believe the theories about her being chemically dependent and addicted to attention. All of which result from being a child star and coming up through that route. Great posts!
justagirlMrs justagirlMrs 10 years
I believe there's a bit of truth in every lie... that's what makes them believable. I look at it this way... if it's all untrue, wouldn't a sane person do more to be caught in responsible behavior type of activities? I'd like to believe that if the custody of your children hung in the balance you'd do whatever it takes to make people believe you're responsible... even if you had to put on an act to do so.
outofhere outofhere 10 years
I can't imagine that I can add anything that hasn't been said except that Jillness - you go girl!
jadoremondieu jadoremondieu 10 years
surely all 'real' stars will know that stories will be made up about them. britney, however, seems to provide more photo opportunities for bizzarre rumours than most others...
Ginger Ginger 10 years
Like a moth to the light... she runs towards the flashing lights of the paparazzi cameras.
demeter demeter 10 years
Maybe, but they're exaggerated.
Jillness Jillness 10 years
Thanks for your comments, Amanda, this has been fun! I have been thinking...what makes this a case of a mental disorder, and not just the actions of a spoiled and egotistical celebrity? (when you get your booty kissed so much, some stars tend to believe their own hype). I have known 2 people that were bi-polar. In both cases, it came on suddenly, and was marked by a tremendous change in behavior and lead to events that were not just questionable in judgement, but were severely bad things happened. (IMO, Brit has been commiting acts of poor judgement, but has not done anything that is super manic). One thing that supports my idea that she just has this obsession with paparazzi attention happened years ago when she just met Kevin, before her recent antics: There was a school of sharks swimming in the water at Santa Monica Pier. This was huge news, many tourists get in the water there, and it was all over everywhere: the tv, the radio, etc. You couldn't escape the "Shark News". There were 10 news helicopters and 80 members of the press on the beach at Santa Monica Pier, all reporting on the shark story. Well at this time, Britney decides to unveil her new boyfriend Kevin. He carried her on his back over 50 yards of sand to the beach where the 80 members of the press were, and they sat down on the beach 2 feet in front of the press. The beaches are flat. There is no way in the world that she didn't see those 80 people with their lights and cameras, and yet she walked TO THEM. All over the message boards people were saying, "Poor Brit, she can't go anywhere with out the press hounding her!", when in reality it was HER that went to them. I don't see how her actions now really differ from this story, other than she is now stripping to get their attention. Perhaps you could shed some light? It just seems like for all of her adult life she has been seeking attention, and this is just more extreme.
killaajc killaajc 10 years
hell the fuck no!!! I know people who work with these mag. and what they do is take the story and blow the shit out of the water to make it sound worse but really if you read it they really dont sound that bad they put the facts in but the add words to make it sound so bad like this and that we dont if shes crazy or not all we know is she is one of the bests pop stars in the whole world and she will get back there one day just wait we will see. give her time its hard to be falled every fucking day of your life and everyone around you is fake and everyone who you loved used you for you money you only know one thing you get love with giving money not by loving. she wants love. the people around when she was young pushed her to do everything to be where she is and the people who she loved all only used her for her money the only guy who i think who loved her was her first husband and thats all it is.
amandachalynn amandachalynn 10 years
I've never seen any of Mom2's posts, so you probably know what you're talking about. What irks me the most is that people say she needs to get control of herself, or she needs to grow up. It's so much easier to say that than it is to do it. Especially if you have a poor psychological state of mind. People just don't understand how truly hard it is to get out of it. Of course she's trying to convince the world she's a victim. That's how she sees herself. In her mind, she IS a victim. Imagine how it would be if you believe something with all of your heart and soul, and no one else seems to get it? Or even care? Many people aren't concerned about her psychological state. That's what's sad. We should be more concerned with her psychological state than what she's wearing. Anyway, I think I've contributed enough to the mental awareness movement today! Have a great day, I'm off to therapy!(jk)
Scarlet Scarlet 10 years
I really hope not, I just hope this girl gets some help soon before something even more dramatic happens.
Jillness Jillness 10 years
You have to understand how it sounds from my perspective to hear that Mom2 is just as likely to be in the industry as I am. I know what my reality is on a daily basis, and I have also seen her posts many times on this site. It seems that there are many things that she doesn't know, so no, I am sorry, but I don't think that she works in the industry. I guess I am not that concerned with Brit's psychological state. I dont think she is "crazy", I just think she is addicted to attention from the media. One of the things that irks me the most about her behavior, is that she tried to convince the world that she is the victim of the press. I just can't watch silently while someone tells that major whopper of a lie to the world. I am not trying to convince anyone, because I know what I know and other people's opinions don't change anything. I am merely sharing what I know and if you chose to take it, fine. I think it is terrible that she drags her kids in front of the paps, and from my experience it is incredibly obvious that she does this on purpose. I also think that she flashes the paparazzi on purpose. She has flashed like 15-20 times this year alone. I think this is really troublesome. If this were a man flashing his balls that many times in public, he would be arrested. If she does have mental issues, she needs to take herself out of her relationship with the paparazzi. It makes me a bit ill to see people saying "poor her, I wish the paps would leave her alone", because SHE is the one in control of that. It is where she garners the most sympathy, and it is the thing that she is doing to herself. I don't think this is coincidence. And if you go to TMZ and x17 you will see there are MASSIVE differences between their relationships with her. My post is already way too long, but there is no doubt in my mind that she works with them.
Pinkprincess13 Pinkprincess13 10 years
if there are pictures, how can they NOT be true? for example,her latest "hit and run"? Is she really THAT oblivious to the world around her to NOT realize there was paparazzi all over to catch her?
Lill-McGill Lill-McGill 10 years
Not all of them - But I believe she definitely feeds on tabloid attention!
amandachalynn amandachalynn 10 years
Actually, her behavior has nothing to do with a personality disorder, including narcissistic. A person can function perfectly fine, even be greatly successful(Donald Trump)with a personality disorder. And there are some things that are textbook, like Jillness was saying, there are tell tale signs in her industry, as in mine. We may never know what the truth is, but there are more people in the world with kids who are less fit to raise children then Britney. I'm not saying that it's the best way to do it, I have a son SP's age for goodness sakes! It just could be much worse for those babies. Foster care is much worse, so her kids will not be taken away. It's also very hard to get sole legal and physical custody of a child in California if the other parent is protesting it, so if that does happen, we'll all know that it's for something horrible. I just don't see that happening, though, because there has to be terrible abuse for that, and giving a baby soda or keeping them out late may not be healthy, but it's not abuse. I'm also not trying to pick a fight with you, Jillness, I am just skeptical of the media ;-)
Ginger Ginger 10 years
Well bi-polar is one opinion of a doctor who hasn't met her. Another dr who hasn't met her thinks it's more along the lines of a narcissistic personality disorder. There are probably more opinions. Take your pick. Regardless of what ails her, she has shut off her family and people who are interested in helping her and refuses to accept that she has a problem, while she continues to act with no regard to others. Her behavior, with the taking off her clothes often, walking out of interviews she sets up, hitting cars, etc. is not a person who is mentally healthy enough to be raising small children. She can't even take care of herself.
lrt lrt 10 years
Whatever might be true is made to seem so much worse than it really is. That cover on Us Weekly is so bad, saying she's out of control and then show her on a stripper pole. She's freakin working people, are all those actress mothers out there who strip naked in movies out of control too? It just doesn't make sense, she needs to stop being attacked all the time.
Ginger Ginger 10 years
Yea, Jillness, it takes a cold hearted bitch to get enjoyment out of bringing the press along to photograph her making her own mother cry, and giggling about it. Just like how she text-messaged Kevin to tell him she filed for divorce. And having worked in the entertainment business, I will say that the crazy stories that make it into the tabs are because waiters, staff, neighbors, etc are happy to make a few hundred dollars to sell a story. There are a lot crazier stories about much bigger stars that you never see or read about, mainly because they had the sense and discretion to act nuts around people they could trust to not sell them out.
amandachalynn amandachalynn 10 years
I think it's just as likely that Mom2 has worked in the industry as you have. It just so happens that I am in the psychology field, and a professor of mine has close connections at Promises. In a group discussion one day he said that all signs point to post partem psychosis and bi-polar disorder. He of course didn't say that this was a diagnoses, because whoever told him that would be violating legal and ethical rights. He also said that it looks like there is an outside chemical dependency. He said it 'looks' this way.(Just want to make sure everyone knows this is speculation from doctors close to promises, but not the rehab center it's self. It's illegal to divulge info like that)Many people who suffer from psychiatric illness self medicate with drugs or alcohol. I feel sorry for the girl because it seems like for every time she tries to do something good, she's knocked back 50 steps. A 'normal' person in her shoes would not have the stress that she does, and would not act out the way she does. But, still, that's all hearsay. Until I see a contract with x17(I have also seen videos of her saying she loves tmz, and it's always in a sarcastic way. Just because you wave to someone doesn't mean they're paying you) and until it comes out of her mouth that she's bi-polar, its all a rumor.
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