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Do You Believe Robert and Kristen Told Oprah They're Dating? 2010-05-07 11:00:00

Do You Believe Robert and Kristen Told Oprah They're Dating?

Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart are in LA after their quick trip to Chicago, where they recorded an interview with Oprah to air on May 13. According to a source, Oprah told Rob and Kristen before the taping that she was going to be asking about their relationship, and they're rumored to have worked out a deal — Robert and Kristen didn't want to say on the show if they're dating, but they agreed to tell Oprah the truth in private. So they evidently confirmed their romance to Oprah in exchange for joking on the show about Kristen being pregnant. If anyone could get Robert and Kristen to spill the beans, it would be Oprah, but the circumstances sound a little fishy. So, tell us what you think — do you believe Robert and Kristen told Oprah they're dating?

Image Source: Splash News Online
lilysangle lilysangle 7 years
Keep an eye on this article.
kellykonrad kellykonrad 7 years
I want to think that but if they try so hard to hide it why would they just disclose it so quickly...
vanzalicious vanzalicious 7 years
i think they will give a non-straight answer. as always.
hra hra 7 years
this is obvious why they didn't tell the truth about their all guys...just become so fussy give comments about they are or aren't a couple....pls be relax.....they are an's hard to deny....I think they ( ron and kris ) read this articles...and say......OMG our fans so busy thinking about us....don't you guys have something to do .....!!..
TwiHard4evr TwiHard4evr 7 years
Yes! it is true I read on that they did comment in pregnancy rumors so they obviously had an agreement with oprah! and you know what I'm positive they told her and DOES NOT LIE!! i've been following then 100% and they've been more than lucid and truthful with there facts! But I guess we'll all see when they adress pregnancy rumors on the show so tune in on may 13!! and if they adress pregnancy rumors then we'll know they switched something and also you can tell they switched a quetion cuz the pregnancy rumors are sooo last year, there over with, ppl know kstew's not really preg. but the show had to adress something, cuz like seriosuly you can't go on a showand not ask something scandelous so the preg. was I guess a switch-scandelous-quetion if worse came to worse!! but anyways tune and watch it on may 13!! x3x3x
Malorie Malorie 7 years
We can only hope it was confirmed, but as true as we believe with photos, seen how Kristen and Rob kinda act around each other on itnerviews, as we all know some can spot their is something there for both of them.. But as we all know Kristen and Rob are private individuals.. Just like any of us on this world we live in is that private lives are private between who you want to spend it with... not everyone needs to know as judgment is brought upon so easily than taken what is face value... Go Kristen and Rob =)
valerianise valerianise 7 years
I like Kristen new interview in Elle, everything else is crap including Oprah
chile68 chile68 7 years
@44, I agree!!!! :)
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