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Do You Think Bradley and Jen Will Be More Than Just a Fling?

Jennifer Aniston and Bradley Cooper were spotted at dinner together in NYC last night, fueling speculation that the HJNTIY costars are dating. Although Bradley's denied the rumors before, celebrities aren't always quick to confirm new relationships. What do you think — will Bradley and Jen be more than just a fling?


moanuser moanuser 8 years
LoveAngelina needs a shrink that could tell her to get a life by going out instead posting some inane comments about Jen. At least, Jen has a life by having dinner with Bradley. I think it's just a friendly dinner. He said it recently that him and Jen are just friends. Althought, I think they could be a great couple. Why not just dating her, Brad? She's a gorgeous lady!
CiaoBella01 CiaoBella01 8 years
it's really ironic that loveangelina tells people to get a life, while she is the constantly checking up on jen aniston's articles and hurling insults at her and others who praise jen. why is it such a big deal to angelina fan that there are people who love jennifer aniston for being who she is. in my opinion, she looks better than ever. yea i did think she and brad looked great together, but no one knew how it was. some people are just not meant to be and it's not her fault. hot people still have trouble finding love ya know =P
tina57 tina57 8 years
Well they only had dinner date, but as my understanding they have been seeing each other longer than that. Jens the best with or without Bradley. Have a blast Jen. Do as you please.
Mega111 Mega111 8 years
I Just Can't Understand Why Some People Even Talk About Angelina Jones She've Got Like The Worst Body In HollyWood Unlika Jen Wich Has By Far The Best Body In Hollywood The Best Legs And The Best Hair....TEAM ANISTON FOREVER!!!!!!!!
moanuser moanuser 8 years
It's good to see her with a new man! A gorgeous one too! More than Mayer, I think...
Jengal Jengal 8 years
Ginger - what a load of nonesense! there's nothing Jen can say that you will approve of. You just don't like her, there's no reasoning behind it. Angelina also divulges just about everything in interviews, including her breasts on the cover of W but that doesn't seem a problem for you. All celebs use their personal life in interviews, but you only single Jen out.
redchick152 redchick152 8 years
they would look good together. how is he a heartbreaker?
MGMT MGMT 8 years
maniston is very dirty, settle down now, your career will always be friends and doggy movies
Ginger Ginger 8 years
I would disagree that she's not controversial. She has used her past relationships as subject for interviews, magazine covers, etc. years after they were news. She tries to be provocative, but comes off looking more bitter and desperate. Perhaps if she just stopped commenting, people would not dislike her so much.
llamawich llamawich 8 years
Who rebounds from John Mayer? :/
EuroLaura EuroLaura 8 years
I will never understan why some people hate Jennifer Aniston so much. If there's anyone who's not controversial at all and seems nice to everyone, that's her. And most importantly: how do you come to hate so passionatley someone you know nothing about?
MGMT MGMT 8 years
rachael green is getting another bf dirty hoe
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