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Do You Think Mariah and Nick Will Last?

We were all surprised to hear that Mariah and Nick Cannon were engaged this week, and even more shocked when they ran off and got secretly married in the Bahamas without a prenup. Mariah was set to appear on The View on Monday, but she cancelled at the last second — to spend some extra time on her honeymoon perhaps? We still haven't heard anything from either camp, but tell us — do you think Mariah and Nick will last?


trouble450 trouble450 9 years
I will just say - best of luck. This will either be their greatest challenge or their biggest mistake.
doyouwash doyouwash 9 years
Of course it won't last. It really shouldn't have happened in the first place.
keiraz keiraz 9 years
yeah and I thought I'd be in with the minority who will say no lol anyway, ANY celeb couple HAVE to split no matter how long they last together...
berrymix berrymix 9 years
I don't know but I'm glad people are talking about them and not about Ashlee's baby bump or non-baby bump.
pink_magnetism pink_magnetism 9 years
I highly doubt this marriage will last, and if they have no prenup, it could get expensive for Mariah.
CinnaBlaze CinnaBlaze 9 years
I personally do not think this will last at all. First, we never even knew they were a couple, much less engaged. Second, they do not seem compatible at all between their age differences and maturity levels. He is sweet and funny, she really has no personality except being a demanding diva. I can't see her being involved romantically with anyone really.....she is so wrapped up in herself and material things that love doesn't exist in her world - plus as I said before, she has no personality whatsoever. I hope I'm wrong for the sake of the sanctity of marriage but I don't think I am!
MindayH MindayH 9 years
It's weird. But I definitely thought the whole Ashton/Demi thing had no shot, and they seem fine. Being in the public eye is a strain that solid marriages can't survive. I hope they make it - I just don't think the odds are in their favor.
TruJrzyGirl TruJrzyGirl 9 years
No. It's very challenging for anyone to last in Hollywood- Especially when your every move is under the microscope. Sad.
i think he needs to slow down and not propose to every chick he dates, i mean not even less than 6 months ago he was engaged to someone else
ard126 ard126 9 years
i doubt they will last, it was so all of a sudden!
ShanaB ShanaB 9 years
No pre nup mariah...why?? wow. i totally missed this relationship. im not sure i believe this story.
Dkharris88 Dkharris88 9 years
No way... she only wanted the attention & he was desperate with his career going no where.
cupcake_ cupcake_ 9 years
No I highly doubt it will last. I mean how many celeb relationships last anyway? Why are there still celebs NOT doing the pre-nup? Am I the only one who didn't even know they were a couple until the announcement of their marriage came out?
Aminah-Akalea Aminah-Akalea 9 years
People are just stupid (and I don't means these two, don't care if they are either), I didn't vote, I was soooo surprise to see this, this is really news to me, yeah he is really young but he's a sweet guy and stays out of the light (that's why alot of people dont'know about him and some other reasons), I didn't have a clue they were going out, but everything the public doesn't know and SHOULDN't make assumptions or guesses on the relationship, you know how many relationships the public had their negative views on and it lasted?!! This is just weird to me....I am not one to say that she should get a richer, older guy, quite a good set of celeb women have husbands who are not as rich as them at all and have a family and still together for years, so yet another ignorant remark. I like Nick I must say, the movies he stars in isn't bad either, I like them alot. Age thing? thought people got over the whole Demi and Ashton thing, it's no surprise that they are celeb women out there that like younger men, just like some people in the public do...big deal. But I was recently thinking about her and my thoughts were that she's never dated a black guy and I NEVER thought she would have married one either, thought she was one of those birracial people that like to stick to the whiter side of things when it came to their personal lives, musically she didn't deny it, but still. Anyways after Tommy alot of people saw a change in her to get more hotter and stuff...don't know what happened there. Anyways all the best, whatever happens happens, not my problem nor life, I just really wished I had that much money right now, it'll take me forever to get there.... :)
simplyfab87 simplyfab87 9 years
I never hope for a marriage to fail but I don't think quickie celebrity weddings have a good track record, so I'm gonna say.
tashke94 tashke94 9 years
i didn't even know they were together
Meka_suga Meka_suga 9 years
I doubt it but who knows
meeshee meeshee 9 years
WHAT?????????? i have not heard this! i am so utterly and completely shocked.
LOVErickii LOVErickii 9 years
it will be over before it even started
Fushaa Fushaa 9 years
I'm still not sure if I even believe that they are really together. I have a feeling this is part of that Ashton Kutcher show where he gets celebs to play tricks on the paparazzi. If they really are together then much luck to them.
texgirl texgirl 9 years
this seems like one of the most ridiculous marriages ever. unfortunately, i agree with everyone else by saying that there is no way they will last.
LadyP LadyP 9 years
If they even are married, I highly doubt it will last.
Cinnamon-Girl Cinnamon-Girl 9 years
Isn't he a bit young for her ?
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