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Do You Think Miley Cyrus Will Learn Her Lesson?

The Miley Cyrus craziness hasn't slowed down just yet, the latest news being that her parents actually ducked out of the shoot before the photos in question were taken, and that Disney's plan for damage control is to keep Miley out of the limelight as much as possible for the next four to six months. She's already issued an apology for the photos, but it feels like the pop star has been a little too relaxed about keeping her image clean with incidents like talking about how much she loves Sex and the City and those somewhat racy photos in her bra that have been around the Internet. So we want to know — do you think Miley will learn her lesson after this latest scandal?

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dqueen888 dqueen888 7 years
she doesnt need to learn a lesson. shes wearing jeans underneath and its covered and whats wrong with sex and the city? come on, be real. shes a good girl, leave her alone.
moxierain moxierain 9 years
I don't really care. Its her life, if she wants to pose for those pix then pose. I thought she looked like a baby in that one satin pic. Like she was trying to be a woman but the baby fat just made her look like a kid. I'm sure it will melt off eventually and she'll be gorgeous and look stunning in future pics and look like a real woman. But yeah, her life, her business, why should anyone care? Peoples role models should be their parents and siblings. Not some celebrity that they have never met and do not know the character of.
jennemmy jennemmy 9 years
Head to your local mall and you'll see tween girls dressed in next to nothing. Miley Cyrus is being a typical 15 yo girl. And I wonder why Disney holds her so accountable and yet one of the Cheetah Girls is making out and walking around half naked on Keeping Up With the Kardishans without any backlash. If parents let their kids look at Vanity Fair (which is always full of scantily dressed people) then they need to step up and explain the value (or repercussions) of exposing yourself to others. My 5 yo loves Hannah Montana. She has never seen the show. Watches PBS and Noggin. She heard about her from a preschool friend. Got the barbie version and recognizes songs on the radio. But I make the decisions about what she is exposed to - radio yes, sitcom no. However, is she was 15, I would hope the worst that might happen is a little tube top coverage conversation. Drugs, drinking, driving, casual sex seems to be happening all over my small town with teens. Miley draped in a sheet is nothing.
JAG JAG 9 years
humm..where did the rest of my comment go? anyway, didn't mind getting their checks from the fans (the children). She should have thought about her fans and what they would think before posing like that since she was still under contract with Disney. She's not bigger than her fans...the fans is who make any star a star. Without fans, a person is just someone who wants to be a star. If she thinks she can go out and turn into Mylie C, and let Hanna Montana fade away, then she might as well be ready to watch her fame fade away with it. Mylie can not hold a candle to the star status of Hanna Montana. Maybe with all this "controversy" that is what her "people" are trying to accomplish. They know she won't be able to sing and bee bop on a stage forever as Hanna Montana, so maybe this is all a ploy to get people talking about Mylie instead of Hanna.
JAG JAG 9 years
Their? You mean They're? I'm not the grammar police, but that is NOT a typo, it's plain not knowing the real word and how the word is supposed to be written. See what I mean? We should be pushing more education, rather than what so and so is wearing or who so and so is dating. The priorities of today's youth is totally way off course. AGAIN, the whole "controversy" is that she represents DISNEY, which has thousands of small kids who pattern themselves after Disney stars. If she can't hold up her part of the job then she needs to get the "H" out of Disney. STOP relying on them for publicity, and stop relying on them for concerts and TV shows. She didn't mind getting paid from Disney, who in turn didn't mind getting their <----(correct use of the word) money from the little fans out there. It's not about acting like she is a wh*re or picking on her for being young. It's because she chose her career and part of that was being a role model. When she agreed to work for Disney, she knew there would be kids looking up to her, like it or not, she knew it! She's NOT holding her end of the contract up and YES she should learn a lesson from all of this. She is not bigger than her fans, she should have thought about her fans first, it is the fans who make any star a star.
Star_Steph Star_Steph 9 years
jesus, can everyone lay off the girl already. Their acting like if she posed nude or made a sex tape! Its not like shes pregnant or anything. Should we make Jamie Spears apoligize for that too!
JAG JAG 9 years
Ummm first of all Vanessa H's photo was not on the cover of a magazine. She wasn't promoting anything, it was meant to be private. I still think they should have kicked her off, but they didn't. People DID have an issue with Miley at the Awards show if you will remember back. I think that's when Perez started calling her trampy. Britney Spears was NEVER a Disney role model when she was in her little skirts and lollipops on the front of Rolling Stone. She has never been anything good in my eyes. You can't dance like she did and pose for the camera like she did for the sole purpose of being sexy and try to say you're a virgin too. (Which she wasn't). She was a lie created by her record label. They didn't care how many girls lost their virginity trying to be "sexy" like Britney Spears, but Disney on the other hand DOES NOT WANT THAT TITLE. CHILDREN, wholesome, good grade making children, are their bread and butter. They aren't going to mess that up. Which brings me to my next comment.. I saw on an entertainment show today a girl who some people are saying is "Mylies replacement" with Disney. When one falls there is always someone waiting in the wings to take their place.
Agent-D Agent-D 9 years
What is the big freakin' deal here? Those phots were done tastefully, and by a very respected photographer. the only thing making this a huge "scandal" are the crazy moms who think it is to much. WHAT ABOUT BRITNEY SPEARS???????????? When every tween in the world was watching and doing everything she was, but it was ok then? WHAT ABOUT VANESSA HUDGEN'S NUDE PHOTOS????????????? Isn't she a role model too??????? She is still doing Disney shows/movies!!!!! And no one will say a word about that huh? I am really tired of our society being so hypocritical. It's time to leave the young CHILDREN alone, and maybe not shove them into the limelight, and make them dress like 25 year olds. REmember her at the Academy Awards? She had more makeup on than I would ever wear, but that is ok?????????? Shouldn't that have been an issue too??
JAG JAG 9 years
Thanks Team, will do :)
Community-Manager Community-Manager 9 years
Hey Everyone, This is a clearly heated topic but I ask that everyone respect each other's opinions regardless if you agree or disagree with the other member! Please agree to disagree! thanks team
JAG JAG 9 years
ok I can't make it any clearer to you that I was simply fighting fire with fire. You were saying many things to Dagger that she simply didn't say. You were saying it with a snippy attitude, and I'm just the type of person to stand up and say "no" that's not right instead of just acting like I didn't read that. I see from your profile that you must disagree with people often on here, not just with me. Again, I'm sorry if you got the impression that I was "picking" on you. It's not the case. I was engaging in the discussion with the same tone you were using with Dagger. I don't care if you agree with me or not, I do not want you to change your point of view to accommodate mine. I don't even understand why you would think that way. I know we all have a difference of opinions. You don't HAVE to engage in future discussions with me. No one here HAS TO talk to anyone else. It's a free blog! lol. I do feel very strongly, however, about the moral break down of our teenagers. They will be the ones who are running the country when I am too old to have a say so, so yes, I wish we had a larger base of "good kids" than not at this point. I do think it all starts at home. This particular subject is getting beat to death, so, again, sorry you got your feelings hurt. Maybe you should re-read your comments and you would understand why I used that tone to begin with. This is my last comment as well on this subject.
historymystery historymystery 9 years
JAG, you are overtly agressive in expressing your point of view and your disagreement in another's point of view. It makes any kind of discussion with you fustrating and it does hurt people, make them angry or make them afraid to engage. Because at this point, I no longer desire to engage in any kind of discussion with you in any given topic on this blog. I feel badgered by your expression of your point of view in that I feel you will keep coming at me until I agree with you 100% and totally change how I may look at things. You HAVE upset me and made me feel that it's completely pointless to even try to speak up around here.
erinlikestoplay erinlikestoplay 9 years
I don't think she *needs* to learn a lesson. Poor girl is stuck at the awkward age where she feels like she is growing up and wants to express herself, but has 10-yr-olds to answer to! I mean, watching SATC is scandalous? Come on! Is she only supposed to say she likes puppies and unicorns?
JAG JAG 9 years
It's "you're" not your (one of my pet peeves) :oy: Again, I did not mean for you to feel bad, come on, sorry if you do. That's not my intention, really. I never called you stupid or that you had nothing valid to say, I think you have a lot to say and I for the most part enjoy reading most of your comments. We just have a difference of opinion on this particular subject.
historymystery historymystery 9 years
Ok, forget it. I'm blind, I'm stupid, I have nothing valid to say. Everyone is better than I am and smarter than I am. I'm an idiot for ever thinking I had anything worthwhile to say. Congrats. I feel just fantastic about myself. I hope your happy now.
JAG JAG 9 years
historymystery You are making arguments about nothing! Dagger wasn't rude, just showing you why she disagreed. This is a forum for all opinions and it's you who was acting rude. Why do you get so upset with people who disagree with you? Seriously, you seem very angry all the time. You put words into people's mouths that were never there before, EXAMPLE: Because my parents did not structure my teen years with sports and activities they are bad parents? That;s not what was said, but, in my opinion if your parents let you sit around and do nothing during your teen years, then WHAT A WASTE. It is a parent's responsibility to make sure their child has every opportunity in life to succeed as an adult. I do think if your parents did not get involved, then they fell short. I think kids do need to be kept busy especially in their teen years. You have kids that are blowing up high schools and shooting their classmates, high on drugs and alcohol, getting pregnant at record speed, all who could have had a better outcome if their lives had been structured and they had parents that gave a damn about how they spent their time. If you didn't see anything sexual with that photo, then you must be BLIND! Giving off the sexual vibe was what that photo was meant to do. What did you see? I sure didn't get the vibe that she was getting ready to watch a Brady Bunch re-run and have some milk and cookies that's for sure! Dagger didn't say you had low standards, she said she must have higher standards than some members commenting.....BIG DIFFERENCE in meaning there HistoryMystery. After reading her comment, I would absolutely agree that Dagger has higher standards than most, and there is nothing wrong with that. I commend her for holding on to her morals and the way she was raised instead of falling into the pit of laziness and non caring teens who seem to be becoming the norm more and more. I think teenagers should get off the phone, off the couch, off the computer, and get active. Adolescent and teen obesity is at an all time high. How could ANYONE say that it wouldn't be the best thing for a parent to get their child involved in some kind of sports or activity????? It could only benefit the child both physically, mentally, and socially. I thought Dagger wrote a VERY good comment, and yes, red lipstick is synonymous with promiscuity. Ever heard of the term "w hore red". She didn't say everyone who wore red lipstick was a whore (here we go again putting words in people's mouths) People were saying the photo was supposed to be ARTISTIC. In a photo like that, the viewer is supposed to observe every single object in the photo, even down to the way she's holding her hand, or how she's smiling, or where her eyes are looking...everything is supposed to mean something. For the fact of a 15 yr old girl not wearing any other makeup other than wearing RED LIPSTICK, that has a meaning of being a Lolita to me. Red lipstick was always meant to symbolize a woman's sexuality. Le Rouge Absolu even has a shade of lipstick in red named "Jezebel". You need to respect other people's opinions just like you want them to respect yours.
trackstar trackstar 9 years
Trying to be "sqeaky clean" is not the answer. It means everyone will be watching when you mess up. I'm probably the most "sqeaky clean" person I know and I'm no saint! Everyone has done things that they rather not be out in the open.. too bad that it's impossible for people to be perfect. Basically she was destined to fail at the image Disney wanted, and we just all eat it up and feel good about ourselves because "we wouldn't do that!"... i donno... just saying.
LOVErickii LOVErickii 9 years
she will definately think twice about doing stuff like this
AvaSofia AvaSofia 9 years
Oy Vey, it's a lovely portrait of a young adolescent girl coming into womanhood (she's gotta grow up sometime, as we all did), not a sex tape . . . people need to get over this STAT.
italianblonde italianblonde 9 years
I said no, but I don't think she's necessarily 'spiraling out of control'. She's just being young, and I'd like to see her stay out of the spotlight for 6 months..haha yeah right.
Claire-Underwear Claire-Underwear 9 years
I probably would have done the same thing at 15. Don't tell anyone, but I love Miley Cyrus. She's adorable.
historymystery historymystery 9 years
Gee I suppose that because I did not automatically think 'sex' with the image that I am a bad person? Because my parents did not structure my teen years with sports and activities they are bad parents? I am NOT asking or demanding that ANYONE change their point of view to agree with mine. I though I made that perfectly clear. I even stated that I could see what it was that was making people upset and that I respected and understood where they were coming from. All I was doing was explaining where *I* was coming from so that others could offer ME the same respect for my opinion and point of view. Something apparently you missed. And I personally do NOT appreciate being relegated to having 'low standards' because I hold a different point of view. THAT is rude of you, showing a complete lack of understanding that people HAVE different points of view and are perfectly entitled to share them. Oh, and red lipstick synonmous with being promiscious? Whatever. I guess I'm a whore then because I have red lipstick on right now as I type this. I guess the highly educated professional trainer we have on staff is as well, because she just walked past my office and SHE has red lipstick on too!
deorade deorade 9 years
come on - her 'people' totally know what they're doing.
Jessamyn Jessamyn 9 years
She's turning into a woman, she will discover herself. She won't be the Disney's kid's star forever.. Doesn't mean that she's spiraling down, she's just growing up. She needs to find out who she is, but I don't think she'll be the next Britney without pants and everything.
rashell rashell 9 years
she's 15. she's human. people make mistakes. i'm sooooooo sick of hearing about this already. what is it now, day 4?
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