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The Miley Cyrus Vanity Fair photo scandal is still causing quite the debate. We read her apology, as well as VF's defense, and saw her seeming to be having fun during the shoot. Disney feels Miley was manipulated, but in the interview, Miley herself called the photos artsy and natural. Now, Annie Leibovitz issued a statement apologizing that the portrait was "misinterpreted," saying that she discussed both the photo and its context with Miley before the shoot and calling the image "classic" and "beautiful." Clearly Miley had a change of heart when she realized she was disappointing her fans, though it seems like the Cyrus family was fine with the concept before the backlash. What do you think — are the photos inappropriate?

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ummyeaitsmarcie ummyeaitsmarcie 8 years
Yeah, I'm late on the comment train, but I'd just want to say this is just like mini-spears getting pregnant and Hugens with nude photos on the internet. SHOCKING! BIG SCANDAL! Oh, please, come on. Its a way to sell more news about this because you're all shocked. Will you even remember this in a couple months/a year? And they are beautiful pics of her, but if I was her momma she wouldn't wear half the things she does. They aren't age appropriate.
tess65 tess65 9 years
I am appalled that a magazine photographer can even ASK a minor to pose in this way. And if parents signed a waver, I am appalled that it is legal for a parent to do so. In this era where common sense has ceased to be common, the children (because that is what she is whether she knows it herself or acts like one) need to be protected from the exploitive vultures. To my eye, the picture looks like a sexually abused child- complete with lips rubbed an obscene red. It is absolutely frightful- she still has a baby face! At any rate, I believe Vanity Fair should suffer the backlash. Personally, I will never purchase that magazine again.
0037sammie 0037sammie 9 years
lickety took the words right out of my mouth!! Totally agree... =D
countryrebel countryrebel 9 years
ARE YALL SERIOUS!? if she was in a swim suit would yall be givin her this much heat? She'd be showin more skin!! So what she's a Disney star, do yall really think shes teaching yalls kids anything new. Kids learn more things today on the bus or in school then they do on television. You can tell me that because she is a child star that she aint entitled to mistakes. Plus do you see her in skimpy dress wear? or posing in Playboy? or on the corner thumbin her way down town? NO. She's making money in a PROFESSIONAL way. I think if her parents, who were on set with her, dont have a problem with it then just SHUT UP!
brokenangel brokenangel 9 years
As for the Disney issue people keep bringing up...apparently everyone is forgetting about the girl from High School Musical who did porn shots before she was even 18....again pot calling the kettle black.
brokenangel brokenangel 9 years
I'm really really annoyed about this whole debate. I mean can see her arm and her back, wow that's so trashy. Get real people, she'd show more skin if she was in a bikini at the beach...and no one would have any problem with that. People just want to see her turn out like Britney and Lidnesy just so they have something to talk about, give the girl a break, get over it and grow up. I'm sure you go out showing more skin yourselves so the being the pot that calls the kettle black.
Metalhaid Metalhaid 9 years
tb6774--I question your definition of 'art.' The CHILD is 15. The implication of the messy hair and sheet around her is that she has just had SEX. 15 YEAR OLDS SHOULD NOT BE HAVING SEX, no matter what. If it was a 20-something, fine. Maybe a little tasteless, but whatever. The issue is she is underage and is a role model for VERY YOUNG GIRLS who will see this and think she condones having SEX. You are either in a serious state of denial or do not have teens of your own.
tb62774 tb62774 9 years
because of the pics in this link, I want to laugh because a whole whole lot of people think (or say) that she's topless in the vanity fair pictures. If you notice, in the pic on the right she is wearing long pants and sheet, or whatever it is, is wrapped around her. It's not like she just got done having sex. For the perverts out there who make it seem that way, shame on you for not being able to appreciate art. If the press and all the negative people out there don't leave this young lady alone she's gonna end up in the same situation as Britney Spears. I hope she goes on about her life and doesn't let all of the negativity get to her and makes the most out of life (in a good way). :)
sarathacoombs sarathacoombs 9 years
6plue2...I soooooo AGREE with you!!!
princessani princessani 9 years
A thing to add to my comment before. As you can see she was wearing pants underneath. People will probably see the making of this photo in the VF magazine and those pictures with her wearing pants PANTS peole!!! She was NOT fully naked. jeez.
princessani princessani 9 years
oh come on! the only thing she is showing is her back! her back! They are not inappropiate it's not like she's posing suggestively and I still look up to her. I can understand where everyone is coming from but honestly Vanessa Hudgens nude pics didn't bring about this much discussion! It's just not fair on her. Miley's a great girl and her parents were there. It looks very artistic and child pornography definately isn't the first thing that pops into my mind when I look at it. I think of it as beautiful simple art. She looks beautiful. Everyone saying she doesn't have self respect...well I just don't agree with you. Maybe it was the pose she was in. Personally I think the whole thing has been blown out of proportion but that's just my opinion! But maybe, just maybe it wasn't the right thing to do at her age. Maybe if she was 17,18 it might be more socially acceptable but overall I think the photo is fine and everyone saying bad things about her are just over-reacting.
Serpentsbane Serpentsbane 9 years
My thoughts after seeing the Miley Cyrus VF photo are divided in to 2 main thoughts: 1st She's 15 and this is how she wants to be seen? The other part is damn she looks pretty good! Of course I'll admit that I am a guy, and she kind of hot. And one other thing who the hell thought that was a good idea for a 15 yr old any way?
p-e-a-c-h-e-s p-e-a-c-h-e-s 9 years
funny how 49% polled inappropriate and 49% polled appropriate and 1% other..... its really tight... personally Im not offended by them, and i realize she is only 15.... they are pretty tasteful and respectful, she is covered up... and its for vanity fair, a magazine that her younger audience wouldnt necessisarily purchase or see.... her own 'private' photos that made it onto the web probably didn't help though.....
atomicspin atomicspin 9 years
I think that it's less about her being indecent and more about how they're just crappy photos of her. She's not that hot to begin with and the photo's just give her the crack whore look.
youronlysun_xx youronlysun_xx 9 years
like i rly liek the pic, i think its rly well done and she looks good.... but yeah i think A.L (photographer) should have waited to do this pic using a older, more mature celebrity...i feel bad for her. Ppl put worse pics than the "scandalous" ones of her on one rly makes a big deal except of course their rep but Miley, shell wear a strapless top on the street one day and be called out on it..
celeb_obsessed25 celeb_obsessed25 9 years
It's too fast, too soon. PLUS: She's 15! Give me a break! She's only two years younger than me and it makes ME uncomfortable (and I've seen things that aren't even close to this). I'm actually surprised her parents allowed it. Apparently, Billy Ray is strict. But for him to be there and to allow it is a whole different story. I also don't agree with this because she is a role model to children. Knowing that, the standards should be different. I mean, I can understand her turning 18 and doing it because she's considered an adult (not sure about the states, but here you are). I have to say, even though Britney did some stuff when she came out it wasn't close to this IMO. I don't know. I just think both Miley, her parents and Annie/VF should have really thought this over. It bothers me to see a 15 year old like this, especially considering she is a child herself and represents other children. I mean, I'm not her biggest fan but I do somewhat like her so this bothers me and I will look at her differently now. I also don't agree with the fact on how she said she will make mistakes. Clearly, everyone does but she knew what she was doing. I think the only reason she apologized was because of the backlash she must have been getting from Disney.
darlene darlene 9 years
it is too much for someone her age
samborasdoll samborasdoll 9 years
I think that they're inappropriate for a 15 year old. I have a 14 year old daughter and I can tell you that I would have never allowed her to be photographed like that. Apparently they're saying now that her parents left before those last shots were taken. That was pretty stupid of them. I'm sorry, but 15 year olds are children and they're impressionable. That's why they have parents.
6plus2 6plus2 9 years
I am the parent of an eight yr old girl who wants to be just like Hannah Montana. That is why if find it disturbing that Miley Cyrus' parents thought it was a good idea that their daughter who's fan base ranges from ages 4-14+ be in an adult based magazine. Where they trying to get the pedophiles out there someone else to lust after? Seriously people when are we going to stop putting children out there as sexual objects and adding more fuel to the sexual predators sick minds? When are we going to start protecting our children?
angela112770 angela112770 9 years
Who cares? She's obviously herself in all the candid shots that are suggestive that float around the internet, she's 15. It's just great publicity for VF and an opportunity to pander for her "people" to the bible belt morons.
Trixie6 Trixie6 9 years
This whole thing is so ridiculous. From what I've read, they looked at digital images right after the pictures were taken and everyone though they were lovely and artistic and beautiful blah, blah, blah. If the dumbass was so embarrassed by them, why didn't she say something then? Also, being that she's only 15 someone in her camp would have had to sign the release for these specific pictures to be published. Didn't they look at them first? The only reason she's backpedalling is because Disney is pissed and she knows better than to bite the hand that feeds.
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