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Do You Think Nicole Is Pregnant?

Nicole Richie was sentenced to 4 days in prison at her court hearing this morning. Judging from Nicole's belly in these drawings, the courtroom illustrator thinks she's pregnant, and even though Nicole has not announced anything, TMZ is reporting that she is due in January. We're still not sure what to believe, but we want to know what you think. Do you think Nicole is really pregnant?


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Cougar04 Cougar04 10 years
No, she actually just put some weight on...suckers
LaLaLaurie06 LaLaLaurie06 10 years
Other - I don't care!!! If she is, good luck to that kid.
Ashlyn-Rose Ashlyn-Rose 10 years
I think if she were actually pregnant, she would have officially confirmed it before the trial, as to gain sympathy. I still think the "baby bump" was bloat from malnutrition.
JaimeLeah526 JaimeLeah526 10 years
I think she might be pregnant and that she got pregnant to avoid jail time. However, she hasn't publicly confirmed it either way so I believe she's not actually pregnant but letting the speculation help her image. Either way I do not believe that she would make a bad parent if she can calm down her lifestyle and take care of herself, Joel and her baby.
Sweet-Dreams Sweet-Dreams 10 years
Maybe... anything is posible.
baby-ballerina baby-ballerina 10 years
good charlotte were just on an australian talk show called 'rove live', and rove asked joel about the pregnancy. joel had a grin on his face but wouldn't answer it. he looked at his brother benji and said his name, then benji made a joke about his relationship with his fiance sophie. i'm pretty sure nicole is pregnant now. if you're not pregnant and someone asks you, why not just deny it? so yeah, sure she is now. sorry for the longer comment !
purrtykitty purrtykitty 10 years
the more i see these recent photos of her, the more i'm thinking she just might be pregnant. she seems to have gained a bit of weight - it's noticeable in her arms and face. maybe this jail sentence is the start of her taking responsibility for her actions and perhaps she will turn out to be a responsible mother.
zc zc 10 years
i need a confirmation. i'd think at her size it was impossible to concieve
Irishgal Irishgal 10 years
I think she might be, why else has she been hiding away these last few weeks. I think she is lying low until she is ready to confirm it. I think it is too soon for her and joel to have a baby together, they are only dating a few months.
sibalc sibalc 10 years
i thought she did confirm it a few weeks ago, saying that she wanted a baby to 'turn her life around'
baby-ballerina baby-ballerina 10 years
i said maybe.
pink_magnetism pink_magnetism 10 years
Maybe. I need more evidence.
Betteroff Betteroff 10 years
She really seems to be pregnant, but I'm still holding out hope that she isnt..
ethiopian_princess ethiopian_princess 10 years
That dress is very Audrey Hepburn.
jmast jmast 10 years
thank you shoes4life!!! I'm glad I'm not the only one NOT focusing on this freaking pregnancy.
demeter demeter 10 years
I think she is.
shoes4life shoes4life 10 years
It's funny how everyone is focusing on her possible pregnancy (which is probably a farse) and totally ignoring the fact that this girl just got off for a second DUI and driving on a California Highway in the wrong direction and she gets a slap on the hand. People should be outraged! When Paris was going up for her trial everyone was ready to lynch her if she didn't get any jail time (which she deserved plus probation) and this girl gets sympathy just because she might be pregnant!? This stupid twat will spend one night in jail and be released the next day to go back out and start all over again with her normal bad habits. The same will probably happen to Lindsey Lohan, she will just get a slap on the wrist as well. The average Joe Blow would be in jail for at least a minimum of two years plus probation for such a thing. I guess it will take these idiots to kill someone's child or family before everyone stop glorifying their stupidity just because they are a tabloid celebrity.
likenicole11 likenicole11 10 years
No way! I think people just made this up to give her even more trouble! Poor girl! She's just been hiding because she's sick of being in the limelight so much!
vireland vireland 10 years
I'm a maybe..I really doubt that Nicole would try to make it look like she's pregnant to get out of jail. And I really doubt that the judge would take that into consideration anyway since most of these centers can accommodate pregnant women. Plus, I think she's ready to just complete the four days its nothing really.
candycane34 candycane34 10 years
I'm waiting for her to confirm her pregnancy, but I hope it's not true. She's might teach her children to eat tiny portions and stay thin and she's probably not fit for the job.
elaine elaine 10 years
is it suppoused to be joel....i thought it was her lawyer, but the hair do doesnt look very "lawyerly".
HeatherinHouston HeatherinHouston 10 years
Maybe...Until she says it, I dont know. I think it would be funny if she wasn't though, the paps need to be fed something outrageously untrue, and I believe she has the brains to pull something like that off. If she is ...Im happy for her.
jmast jmast 10 years
And the fact that Martha Stewart served 5 months in jail and was placed under supervised release and had to wear an ankle bracelet for an additional 5 months. For what? Insider trading. Her first offense. So what the law tells you is that you can drive under the influence at least two times and get a slap on the wrist, but when it comes to money! Forget about it! They throw away the key. :oy:
jmast jmast 10 years
*intoxicated or under the influence.
jmast jmast 10 years
I could care less if she's pregnant. Just another life I hope she doesn't put in danger. People can write that yeah she owned up to it and she learned her lesson and was honest and didn't deny anything or plead not guilty, etc. But she didn't learn that lesson, she learned the lesson on how to act, she saw what Paris and Lindsay are doing and the backlash and the problems they have and she is working the system perfectly. So perfectly that people still back her up and love her because "she's so funny". Tell you what when she gets her license back, those people should be the ones that have their family and friends walk and drive around her, just in case she hasn't learned the real lesson yet...don't effing drive while intoxicated!
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