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Do You Want to See Kristen Stewart Take On an Action Role?

Do You Want to See Kristen Stewart Take Over For Angelina Jolie?

Kristen Stewart effortlessly goes between indie and big-budget movies with her varied roles from The Yellow Handkerchief to Twilight, and the latest casting rumors could mean branching out in a new direction. The producers of Wanted are said to be interested in signing Kristen for the sequel, after Angelina Jolie declined to reprise her role as the female lead. An action role for Kristen could be interesting, and this one would require her to play a supremely skilled assassin. So, tell us — do you want to see Kristen Stewart take over for Angelina Jolie?

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Miki-J Miki-J 6 years
They're kidding, right? Whelp, her herd of sheep will come flocking to her movies and bragging on her anyways. I mean she could probably spend the whole movie picking her nose and her fans would be like, "That movie was SO epic, it completed me." *sigh* This new generation sucks.
SexyXCHICK SexyXCHICK 7 years
uhhh i dont think sooo, NO
fangszilla fangszilla 7 years
she will suck in this role as in all her movies, am sure
dana-stewart dana-stewart 7 years
I don't think so....Kristen has her career, and her roles in films, she doesn't need something more for now.
valerianise valerianise 7 years
isabel27 grow up! for me kristen is far more beauty than angy, sorry
isabel27 isabel27 7 years
oh please tell me this is a joke...someone started this rumor and now some are just running with it stop drinking the kool aid people she doesnt have the personality, the figure , the acting chops nothing the idea that angelina jolie and kristen stewart could be up for the same role is ridiculous so...kristen smokes and she doesnt care how she looks and...what ? this is sexy ??are you kidding this is "badass" ??haha she is a twittering,sputtering immature tomboy the only way this could be true is if they were rewriting the part and changing it to fit her because angelina and kristen are nothing at all alike
valerianise valerianise 7 years
yes it did died ;) that is why headlline replace is stupid, of course because they like reacions like this 105 coments
valerianise valerianise 7 years
and btw sorry for some gram mistake I am frm Europe.. people except it a lot of people like kristen as actress!
valerianise valerianise 7 years
I am 23 years old and Kristen is my favorite young actress, you can insult how much you wish. (her movies like Speak, The Cake Eater, Panic room, The Runnaways and others with very good acting review speaks for her) Kristen is very good actress, with no bad acting review beside average grade on new moon. And to be honest Angelina for me is nice looknig and average actress. Yes, with a lot movies but not excellent or intereseting for me. ;) your comments like someone who like kristen is young are stupid.
valerianise valerianise 7 years
and people who say she is horrible, I would say for you and your reasons but generaly she is very good actress and good looking ;)
valerianise valerianise 7 years
I beliave in Kristen, she is very good actess. She would do it excellent!
maerob maerob 7 years
yah..............she deserves...angelena?? she's old
jenis1 jenis1 7 years
Only if kristen wants to be a slut.AJ is an untalented slut.
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