First of all, I must correct the information I provided about Sienna dumping Jude. Apparently he was the one who ended it because he was sick of her tantrums and the ways she tried to control him. Supposedly she forced all these rules on him after the nanny incident. One rule included calling her every 2 hours to tell her what he was doing and with whom.

Now Kate Moss is laughing at her as well. While out celebrating her birthday Sienna's name came up and Kate and her fellow models began the bashing. The Mirror reports:

"Some of her pals made catty remarks about how Sienna had been on covers without being a model or even a successful actress."

Our source says: "Kate said to her friends that 'Sienna's not a professional model - she shouldn't be on the cover of magazines'."

Referring to Sienna's American Vogue appearance, Kate snarled: "That was supposed to be me."

Our source goes on: "She also said how she thought Sienna's stab at celebrity has failed. Kate said: 'Sienna has blown it now - she's had her last chance. But she was never one of us anyhow.'" Meow... The pair had once moved in similar circles, though they were never close.

Another one of Kate's model pals added: "Sienna was always hanging on Jude's coat-tails. It's a good thing he dumped her."

It makes me wonder if Sienna has any friends. No one ever seems to defend her. Remember when Naomi Campbell bashed her for stealing Kate's look. And these are folks from her own country. It's a good think Sienna moved on to Hayden Christensen although we always though he went the other way.