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Does Britney Change Her Clothes To Make Money?

Britney decided to go for a quick midday costume change while out in LA yesterday with her cousin. While it's always fun to try on new outfits, it has been suggested that perhaps she has an ulterior motive. If the paparazzi catch Brit in 2 different outfits, that's twice as many photos to sell - and more pocket money for Brit if she's in on the deal! What do you think - is Britney changing her clothes to cash in with the photographers?

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Hanahin Hanahin 10 years
She is a walking nightmare :(
crazygirl93 crazygirl93 10 years
Love the first pic, but think she's doing it for the attention not just the money...
krisua krisua 10 years
White suits her.
cari907 cari907 10 years
makes sense
CatarinaBella521 CatarinaBella521 10 years
nah I think she just is never comfortable in her skin, I think it's like a compulsion
poetess poetess 10 years
Someone please save this girl! I don't understand the outfit changes but I know that she is in dire need of a stylist and hair and makeup artists. I am sorry for all of those waiting on her comeback because I really wish that she would hide out for awhile and undergo metamorphosis.
highsociety1 highsociety1 10 years
No, she changes clothes because of all the "stains" she pics up on her daily rounds.
sexyma078 sexyma078 10 years
Ihave a 7 year old and a 9 year old girl they change clothes about tem times a day if a drop of water gets on it the wind blows it doesn't matter and we have no where near as much money as Brit i wish the paps wpould photograph my kids some i can recoup some of my water bill point is if no one came to sites like these or bought magazines like people the paps (nor Brittney) could make money you guys so so bad about so many people but your talking abouty them WHOSE TALKING ABOUT YOU ??!!??!!!??!!!?!!!!!
rainonme224 rainonme224 10 years
she would look so much better if she got rid of those hideous extensions.
alieapple alieapple 10 years
don't careeeeeee.
lovelymiss6 lovelymiss6 10 years
It could be possible but wasn't she the one who hates the paparazzi enough to attack them with an umbrella? She does look good in the first picture though.
trippa trippa 10 years
Of course she does, just like she sells photos of her babies and pretends the money will go to charity, though it only goes back to her. She's not the only one that does it though, all the useless no talent ones do, Jessica Simpson, Carmen Electra, Denise Richards are all known to fake pap shots and get paid for them.
Yesenia1984 Yesenia1984 10 years
She usto be so pretty what happen to her?...! My god
cine_lover cine_lover 10 years
Being her assistant must be a piece of cake, since she never actually does anything.
She looks nice in the first pic, she only needed a bra.
missmegs825 missmegs825 10 years
Im kind of getting sick of these Britney pics. Is she ever doing anything besides tanning or shopping?? Dont get me wrong- I was ecstatic to finally see the Jayden pictures, but Ive had enough of Britney and her cousin dressed in various outfits.
barjar1122 barjar1122 10 years
stan gable that was funny
any any 10 years
i think she looks kinda cute in the first pic
canthelpwatching canthelpwatching 10 years
She's either doing it for cash OR she's just plain ole crazy.
BonjourChaton BonjourChaton 10 years
I agree that she TOTALLY needs to get rid of the gold mini-purse already. And I'm sure she only changes her clothes a lot because she spills stuff on herself because she's such a huge slob. At this point I just find her annoying and wish she would go live on an island with Paris and Nicole.
juju4 juju4 10 years
The girl was wearing a TMZ hat the other day....don't tell me she doesn't have a deal with them! And they never would have found her at the North Hollywood dance studio without a little's in the Valley, not in actual Hollywood. I agree with Jillness...she does it, she looks like a mess, and I wish she would go away! AB&D!
syndeyalias syndeyalias 10 years
Britney has been a complete train wreck for a while and it only gets worse. Even some of her better outfits (like this post) are bad compared to most celebs. How can she not realize that she doesn't look good?!?!?
celeb_obsessed25 celeb_obsessed25 10 years
I don't think so. I don't think her mind can come up with that concept. She's just a mess
tabloidprincess tabloidprincess 10 years
javajunkie78 javajunkie78 10 years
If I were a clothing maker i'd be horrified if she wore my clothes. I would pay her NOT to be photographed in something I made.
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