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Does Hayden Deserve to Be Arrested?

We heard about Hayden's emotional attempt to save the dolphins by interfering with a hunt in Japan a few weeks ago, and she talked about it again when she stopped by the Ellen DeGeneres show last week. While playing with Lamborghinis last night Hayden revealed that there is a warrant out for her arrest for trespassing in Japan. So tell us, does Hayden deserve to be arrested?


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RayOfHope RayOfHope 9 years
I remember that the WWF or something like that protested time ago..should they be arrested too? laws ar Japan and they should be respected..but international laws shouldn't be respected too?
jazzyj jazzyj 9 years
culture? traditional to eat dolphin meat? excuse me? in the arctic, i understand there's no other choice for the inuit. but in japan at this day and age? please. they have plenty of other options, believe me. speaking of civility, that was a friendly protest, the group was trying to save the dolphins. it was the japanese who was uncivil, and threatened to hurt them if they didn't leave. clearly civility is not a priority, or this whole dolphin massacre thing wouldn't even exist.
PinkNC PinkNC 9 years
Someone from Japan's authorities needs to visit her right now. She should have obeyed the law, and any commands that the local enforcement was giving out to her on that day.
PinkNC PinkNC 9 years
Sure why not...let's see if it's actually possible to arrest a celeb. PICK HER AS* UP! I wanna see it. Because these day some states acts like it a big NO NO. She can't go where she wants and do what she wants. The law is the law. Now if someone harpoon her as* then she would go all out with the suing bit. All the while knowing she was where she shouldn't have been. She could have expressed her opinion in another civilized manner.
jazzyj jazzyj 9 years
Yes, people should obey the laws of the country they are visiting. However, take into consideration that Japan is a part of the International Whaling Commission, which protects dolphins and banned commercial hunting long, long ago. It's quite sad, not to mention barbaric, that 1) the fishermen have no hearts, and clearly are incredibly self-righteous, if anyone has seen the footage, and 2) the police are on their side and believe that killing hundreds and hundreds of cetaceans in a brutal manner is the only way they can make a living? excuse me? so no. Hayden should not be arrested, and the Japanese need to wake up and look at the inhumane thing that they're doing - that is the problem, not a bunch of surfers trying to save endangered animals from their terrible fate. BAHH this makes me so angry!
vanilla19 vanilla19 9 years
Even though it's sad that the dolphins are being killed, it doesn't seem right to tell other people what to do with their cultures; it is a part of Japanese culture and tradition to eat dolphin.
cookiebandit cookiebandit 9 years
If she broke a law while she was in Japan (and I'm assuming she did) - then she should be punished with whatever punishment the laws state. I disagree with what she did - not because I think people should hunt dolphins, but because I think it's wrong for people of one culture/country to criticize another culture's customs or whatnot. Americans criticize others for eating dog meat but then some people eat veal? What's that about? Or the French eat sweetbread (which I just learned is the pancreas)? So what we may think is right, others would think is wrong. Who are we to judge? Anyway, so yeah, that's my opinion. It's especially poor judgment to go to another country, break a law and then run off and don't expect to face consequences. If you want to make a statement, fine, but don't be surprised that you'll be held responsible.
OhMyShannon OhMyShannon 9 years
oh my god. they're going to arrest her for trespassing but not arrest the hunters who brutally slaughter dolphins when they have plenty of other means of providing for themselves. that's effin ridiculous. when a tradition is so outdated that it endangers a species...someone needs to step up and draw attention to it...regardless if its their own or not.
darlene darlene 9 years
she was trying to do the right thing so no
maddiekayxoxo maddiekayxoxo 9 years
So hayden is supposed to get in trouble for saving the dolphins but the japs don't get in trouble for illegally killing them? hmm..
Hanahin Hanahin 9 years
No — She was trying to do a good thing!
foxie foxie 9 years
Nice to see so many of you outraged by what happened to these dolphins... but I imagine only a few of you, if any, are aware or concerned about what happens to cows, chickens, fish, turkey, pigs and others in this country day in and day out. Maybe if you're all such "animal lovers" you should try to help out here on the homefront too.! Go there!
thedingo thedingo 9 years
I think she did her homework before going there and doing what she did. She broke their law, she should be held accountable. But the point of her actions was not to break the law and try and get away with it. She was trying to call attention to the massacre of dolphins over there. And she succeeded!
Façonner Façonner 9 years
Are you kidding me!! Did you guys watch the video? It broke my heart, and if I could, I would have done the same thing. Dolphins are the most beautiful, intelligent animals in the world. Did you guys hear they save humans from shark attacks; there was a recent episode where a guy was saved by a group of dolphins from a shark attack in California just a couple of weeks ago. Its depressing how we are accepting this horrible massacre go unnoticed and punish those few that actually do something about it. I am so happy she is talking publicly about this and making people think and aware about what is going on!! And hopefully make a difference and change those barbaric ways.
wkdoak wkdoak 9 years
As I'm reading through these comments, I realize that there are a bunch of idiots that log on to It's not about the famous TV star...its about the dolphins! Would YOU get in water filled with blood and sharks probably within several feet of you to get publicity???? I don't even watch Heroes and probably never will but come on people ...its not about her being famous. She obviously has a huge heart and is an animal lover. She has the means to do this. I don't....and REALLLY wish I did because I'd be out there trying to do the same thing! It's a cruel act...what HUMAN could take pleasure in that?
Sophie827 Sophie827 9 years
It was a peaceful protest - I don't see what case they have against her. the bush administration broke international law when they invaded Iraq and I don't see any of them being arrested. What Hayden did had no disasterous outcome for anybody.
-Maryan- -Maryan- 9 years
I don't think they should arrest her, but it's a wrong thing what she did
Ko-Ko Ko-Ko 9 years
Morally, she should not be punished. However, the image of Hayden sitting in jail for trying to save dolphins would be an incredibly powerful one for the cause and could help even more than what she has already done. Passive resistence has worked wonders in the past.
Karma-Co Karma-Co 9 years
Poor Dolphins... And animals in general! I don't think she should be arrested. Since when is standing up for those who can't defend themselves a crime. More people should be doing activist type activities... IMHO.
pink_magnetism pink_magnetism 9 years
They are within their rights to arrest her but I'm happy that she's doing good and trying to make a difference. I'm impressed by Hayden.
demeter demeter 9 years
By the looks of things I'm sure if she went over into Japan to protest against abortion you would all be saying she should be in jail but since it's about animals and they're apparently valued more than humans she should get off scot free.
demeter demeter 9 years
Yes because if she isn't punished for it she'll do it again and others will think they can do it too.
mrskrismendoza mrskrismendoza 9 years
I don't like Hayden and I am usually all for putting celebs in jail when they deserve it, but in this sad case with the animals, I just think it is soo sad and what she was trying to do was for a good cause, so I said no.
creepupmytee creepupmytee 9 years
hmmm. I don't think so, but I don't like her very much either.
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