Sadly, as the full story surrounding Donda West's untimely passing inevitably comes to light, it's beginning to look like something shady went down. Last night, Kanye's family released a statement thanking everyone for their kind words and asking that donations be made in her name to the Kanye West Foundation in lieu of flowers. Soon after that, the surgeon who operated on Donda, Dr. Jan Adams, came forward saying that he had done nothing wrong and that the death was unforeseen and probably due to heart attack, pulmonary embolism, or massive vomiting.

Now, TMZ has already uncovered the fact that the surgery took twice as long as it should have, indicating trouble on the table, and that Adams sent West home afterwards rather than to a recovery center. She died the next evening. Also, Adams has been convicted of two DUIs as recently as 2006. He's also lost two malpractice suits and last April the Medical Board of California asked to revoke his license following the DUIs. I'm sure this is just the beginning of tearing through Adams' personal and professional life looking for dirt, I just hope that if Kanye and his family want answers about this horrible tragedy, they are able to find them. And if they want people to give it peace, hopefully that wish is respected too.