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spicey123 spicey123 9 years
what's with the hair cut. p.s get back with jen.
spitfire2 spitfire2 9 years
Yeah Pink, tell me about it.
pinkprincess1101 pinkprincess1101 9 years
Dollylo Dollylo 9 years
I'm so sick of him and his horrible wife... :barf:
taylor29 taylor29 9 years
Smokin' hot! Love him to death! YUM!
Joanna Joanna 9 years
Looks old and that is a awful haircut. As for helping a article on MSN said that there isn't enough food for the other countries due to the high cost of food. It said the US gives about half. Billions has been donated. However has anyone noticed all the forclosures in America, all the businesses closing. We lost about 3000 jobs this last year in our town. The Boeing contract went to France. US has always said they were going to help Iraq rebuild and we have spent a lot of money there. People are taking out 401Ks to live. When this country runs out of money, who is going to help you. What if there is no social security, no health care, do you really think Angelina is going to come in to help. We are helping the people in our towns that have lost their homes and their jobs and that takes all the money I have to donate. These are hard working people that have held the same job for years and they certainly deserve the help. I have my doubts that she learned all she needed to know by flying in for two days. First it was Cambodia, then Africa and this year Irag. She is a actress and she loves attention.
Katya1967 Katya1967 9 years
"and didnt they both agree that the mother kept them apart, that it was her bitter ass that didnt allow jon voight to see his children "and vise versa" ------ What are you talking about. Angelina's Mum didn't keep her Dad from seeing his kids. Most of the time he couldn't be bothered. Jon Voight didn't help Angelina in her career other than to say here look at MY daughter. He used his kids for PR their whole lives. Angelina has told of how her Mum arranged for all four of them to go out to breakfast on the morning of the 2000 Oscars and bought boutonnieres for Jon and Jamie and a corsage for AJ and wouldn't go herself but wanted to celebrate it as a family event. Real witchy that. Angelina stopped talking to her Father because he wrote her a letter full of hateful descriptions of why he found her a failed person. After over a year of no contact between them he went on national television two months after she had left Billy Bob -- the day before she was to start filming Lara Croft II and said she was mentally ill -- endangering her career and the finalization of her adoption of Maddox. I would be scared to have him around my kids too! Has JV ever publicly put himself on the line to support AJ? Have you ever heard him praise her talent? No i is "whine,whine,whine,me, me,me."
blob blob 9 years
Just because we don't agree with you doesn't make us "stupid," "immature," "evil heartless," "jealous," or "JA fan." Sticks and stones, baby, sticks and stones. P.S. You do realize Skankolina did not write that piece, don't you?
mu5235 mu5235 9 years
kinda funny not bad though.
Achanel2 Achanel2 9 years
OMG Xena CHILL! Anyway, WTF is up with his haircut!?
greenjade greenjade 9 years
Brad is playing a military man in the movie, that explains the haircut, he looks young and handsome as usual. As for Angelina op-ed, its an amazing piece! It doesnt matter that the haters here like Xena, blob, pink princess, etc, have their own immature and stupid negative comments, which are making the quality of posts here really bad, but whats most important is mainstream people who are intelligent and who matters have given it a thumbs up. Angelina is the only actress who is not only the hottest and most sought after in HW, but amidst her busy work and being a mother and pregnant, she made time to do go to Iraq for her to be able to write a credible op-ed to address the humanitarian situation there, which was created by the US, and should be cleaned up by the US. I dont know what she'd done could ever be negative to some posters here, unless, either the are jealous haters (because they are fans of JA or just plain jealous) or just evil heartless ones. Anyway, please check this out. Thelma Drake wants Angelina Jolie to testify on Iraq BY DAVID LERMAN | 202-824-8224 WASHINGTON - Virginia Rep. Thelma Drake has a new idea to maintain congressional support for the war in Iraq: Call in Angelina Jolie. The movie star — half of the “Brangelina” power couple that rules Hollywood — recently returned from Iraq in her role as a United Nations goodwill ambassador. In an op-ed piece for the Washington Post, Jolie called for increased humanitarian support to help Iraqi refugees and said last year’s surge of troops appears to be working. Drake, a Norfolk Republican, is pushing to get Jolie to testify to the House Armed Services Committee.... From Rush Limaugh Transcript "Everybody today is raving about a piece in the Washington Post by Angelina Jolie in which she just got back from Iraq. She says, "We have finally reached a point where humanitarian assistance, from us and others, can have an impact." Her point is to stay, help the Iraqis, especially those who are out of the country, want to come back home, the time is right now, and that the surge is working. Now, if you read the piece by Angelina Jolie today in the Washington Post, you will conclude that she is deeper and in ways more specific than Obama about this if you read the whole article. She makes more sense than Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama or anybody on the Democrat side about this. It's stunning. I've had some people, "Rush, you realize, she didn't write it." I don't know that she didn't write it. I'm not going to assume she didn't write it. (interruption) That's another thing, that's a good point, too, it's pretty brave of her to do this, given Hollywood and so forth. But she's big enough to withstand it, and it sort of makes me appreciate this Brad Pitt guy a little more. He's gone after substance here, is all I'm saying. This really is a good piece.
mich-elle mich-elle 9 years
Ew. He got a hick haircut.
cottonpoots cottonpoots 9 years
I strongly abhor his 'do.
amandahugginkiss amandahugginkiss 9 years
blob and pink, you guys crack me up. angelina has to realize that a lot of the movie-going public didn't like her before and don't like her now. she's never been a box office draw no matter how beautiful she used to be. IMHO, the reason why mr. and mrs. smith was a hit was because 1) of brad and 2)people wanted to see if brangelina did get it on on set. it's clear as day to anyone who watches that movie that something fishy was going on between those two. you'd have to be blind not to see it. and no, it wasn't just on-screen chemistry...
qtpie247 qtpie247 9 years
eww, his hair cut looks really bad. he's still uber cute with a hat on....when his hair is covered.
meowtomekitty meowtomekitty 9 years
plz dont leave Texas! stay here with me!!!
blob blob 9 years
rutfo i got flagged
blob blob 9 years
pinkprincess1101 pinkprincess1101 9 years
lmfao blob
blob blob 9 years
i liked brad better when he had balls.
pinkprincess1101 pinkprincess1101 9 years
what does jenn anniston have to do with this, you have nothing to worry about just because i dont like your idol doesnt mean i dont like brad :drool: and shiloh, hello
blob blob 9 years
Why does Skankolina have a couple of different noses in LOVE ANGELINA's avi? And her cheekbones are much more pronounced now. get a look at this nose
blob blob 9 years
And Julia Roberts did so diss Mangie.
redsnapper redsnapper 9 years
omg, that haircut is disgusting.
blob blob 9 years
I saw A Mighty Heart and thought Skankolina sucked. I don't think white people should play people of color and people of color shouldn't play white people.
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