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It's hard to pick our favorite part of the Oscars but watching the fabulous Dreamgirls' performances reminded me of how much I enjoyed that movie. While Jennifer Hudson looked amazing belting out those tunes, Beyonce proved you don't need an Oscar to prove your talent. She is clearly quite the performer. We just wondered where were Eddie and Jamie?

lawrence lawrence 10 years
the bee has so much more class then j.hud,and sings not screams as so many fat black women do.a year from you won"t hear anything about j.hud except she"s three hundred pounds plus!!!
miss915 miss915 10 years
beyonce...puhhhhhleeezze stop tryin to upgrade on jen
sanD13 sanD13 10 years
Jennifer naturally has a strong voice and it seemed like Beyonce was trying to up her game and I think both performed really well. Many of you might not agree with me but I thought Anika was just shouting into the microphone. And I think the guy who played CC is sooo adorable!! I began crushing on him after seeing him in the movie :-)
goldie311 goldie311 10 years
Beyonce is so talented. Her performance was amazing! J-Hud was good, but clearly not in the same league as B. The dresses were gorgeous too! Loved it!!:-)
Wicked Wicked 10 years
Jennifer's singing seemed more natural and effortless and Beyonce was pulling her voice out of her during 'Listen.' She was doing way too many riffs or "Ahahahahhaaaaa!"
Wicked Wicked 10 years
This performance was merely a belting competition between Beyonce and Jennifer. Jennifer brought it in the first part and Beyonce I could tell tried a lot harder.
mar mar 10 years
It would be only natural for Bee to be a lil jealous, I would be too.
popculture-whore popculture-whore 10 years
i don't think beyonce is super jealous of jennifer, and i think she's happy for her, but can you really believe that she wasn't upset that jennifer outshined her in every possible way? i find tht hard to swallow. this was supposed to be HER movie but j.hud stole the spotlight anyways i thought the performance was good but a little annoying
mar mar 10 years
I liked Bee last night, Its just that lately she is so overexposed. I thought she was gracious torwards Jen, I did NOT feel any tension at all.
ShannonSoCrazy ShannonSoCrazy 10 years
I don't understand why people are always trying to find things to hate about Beyonce... seriously, it's ridiculous. I think she did a great job performing, and I actually like her better than Jennifer Hudson.
chenoa chenoa 10 years
GOOD JOB!! All three did sing like Angels.I wish i could sing like that.God Bless Them All.
riankb riankb 10 years
i thought they both sounded amazing!
lorenashley lorenashley 10 years
RCL..she did overprerform. Just trying to outshine Jennifer. It's a shame.
RCLdesigngirl RCLdesigngirl 10 years
I thought Beyonce over-performed a bit last night. Of course, she always does, but I'm sure she was a tinge jealous of Jennifer's Oscar.
king1 king1 10 years
Eddie did sing that song in the movie, but on the soundtrack, he did not perform it - so I think that's why he didn't perform it on the show - I'm sure he stayed, even if he didn't win, he doesn't seem like a poor sport. I think the girls, were awesome, I loved the POWERFUL voices and attitudes that they displayed
kscincotta kscincotta 10 years
I loved Beyonce's performance dress, and actually all three of their red dresses. It was sort of annoying to see Beyonce and J Hud try to outsing each other rather than complimenting each other's voices. There was just no warmth coming from that stage, which was unfortunate since it could have been earth-shaking.
lickety-split lickety-split 10 years
wow, another reminder of why my singing is limited to inside my car when i am alone. powerful, beautiful and makes me wish i could sing! the third girl (sorry i don't know her name) is so cute (and tiny)! she sounded lovely too. as for eddie, someone said on the live chat last night that he left when he didn't win. did that turn out to be true?
juju4 juju4 10 years
I thought Beyonce's voice sounded thin and weak compared to Jennifer's. I mean, Beyonce has a decent voice, but I don't think she is as good of a singer as I think SHE thinks she is.
lorenashley lorenashley 10 years
For those of you saying Beyonce proved you don't need an Oscar to be talented..ummm, she was SINGING. Her being a talented singer has NOTHING to do with the Oscar. She could been up for the Oscar for "writing" Listen but she lied about that.
lorenashley lorenashley 10 years
People always wanna find some sorta beef with these two. Eddie and Jamie weren't singing because they were not featured on either of those 3 songs in the movie. I loved the performance.
BlondeSugar BlondeSugar 10 years
They sounded a lot better when they weren't shouting over each other. Beyonce sang Listen perfectly. She gave me goosebumps. And for once, I liked her dress.
mar mar 10 years
I loved it, and Beyonce , for the first time, looked PERFECT, in that crimson dress, and incredible jewelery. I loved the red on J Hud, and Anika.
trudy003 trudy003 10 years
Yes her boobs were close to popping out- I don't know much about that but I do know that I like Beyonce, always have and she did a really good job.
Trixie6 Trixie6 10 years
I'm probably the only person who thinks this, but Beyonce & Jennifer Hudson were so annoying I had to mute the TV. Listening to them try to outsing each other was too much for me. And I kept waiting for one of Jennifer Hudson's boobs to pop out of her dress.
princess_ash princess_ash 10 years
I agree with you Ginger. I think Beyonce sings amazing and she really proved that you don't need an Oscar to prove that you are talented. I love Beyonce!
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