While promoting He's Just Not That Into You this weekend, Drew Barrymore revealed that there might be another Charlie's Angels movie on the way! We got a chance to talk to her about it — and lots about the movie, more of the interview to come — and asked her who in Hollywood would be her dream fourth Angel to mirror the TV show's addition partway through the series. Here's what upbeat, friendly Drew had to say:

  • On the rumors of another Charlie's Angels: I hope. They’re very large endeavors, so they’re a lot to make happen. That said, they’re so much fun and I would give anything. Count me in any day. Nan [Juvonen] and I and all the people involved are the ones who have to figure it out and make it happen, but we would love to.
  • Who would be your dream fourth angel? Oh I’m so in love with Penelope Cruz! She’s Aaaaahh-mazing.

Penelope sounds like the perfect addition to the smoking hot trio of women we love. We can already envision her kicking ass alongside Drew, Cameron and Lucy.