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renée-rox renée-rox 10 years
shes cool!
andrea3414 andrea3414 11 years
I love her and her attitude!
Jinx Jinx 11 years
lol, that tshirt is kind of funny. What's on her hand?
TruJrzyGirl TruJrzyGirl 11 years
On another note, she has had a very rough life ... In and out of rehab before the age of 16. Too funny and too wild. Her first beer and joint at 11 years old. Sad, her mother, Jade was a "Winner" huh ???
TruJrzyGirl TruJrzyGirl 11 years
Drew is always giving the finger to the media. She is not a media fan and can't stomach them for too long, she tolerates them. She was recently in NYC trying to catch a cab and was giving the finger with one hand, trying to hold on to her huge mutt with the other. Too bad you didn't have sound, you'd catch her telling you to F**k off I am certain ! Like I said, she is definitely NOT a fan of paps.
vmruby vmruby 11 years
i know i would get tired of people following me sometimes even though i know it comes with the territory .you go girl!!!!!!!lol!
pinkangelmonkey pinkangelmonkey 11 years
shes so adorable. i like that she is wearing her clothes over and over. just like me.
sashak sashak 11 years
If I were famous, my middle figer would be sparined form flipping people off conastantly
Sica Sica 11 years
Go go Drew! I love you!
RustyAngel73 RustyAngel73 11 years
I remember seeing her in that shirt, too. I love them!
t0xxic t0xxic 11 years
She has a cute shirt
MissSixty1 MissSixty1 11 years
ouchhh wearing the same shirt she wore a long time ago...i remember seeing her in that shirt
pink_magnetism pink_magnetism 11 years
I'm not really into the guy. It's rare to see a celeb who keeps a shirt for 3 years!
My-Opinion My-Opinion 11 years
I like her, but I'm ready to see her in better moods~!
soccer_obsessed soccer_obsessed 11 years
i wear shirts more than once but wait i'm not famous lol & i don't like the shirt :? :P IMO
sweet666 sweet666 11 years
and she always seemed so sweet with all of her hippy-chick peace and love bulls*it
luckykarma luckykarma 11 years
I personally don't think he's hot, but some people look for other things than looks (which I don't understand, but we'll go with that.)
karmasabitch karmasabitch 11 years
Lol Tn, if I remember correctly a lot of peeps don't think he's good looking. I really don't have an opinion on him..
TNgirl TNgirl 11 years
Am I seriously the only one who doesn't think that this guy is hot? His hair reminds me of Greg Brady.
karmasabitch karmasabitch 11 years
Ehh she can wear whatever the fuck she wants, I love her :) They probably said something to provoke her.
brokenhalo brokenhalo 11 years
I have no problem when stars wear something twice or more, but I would not even wear that t-shirt once! It looks trashy, bad quality fabric & does nothing for her! That said, I do like Drew.
italygal italygal 11 years
i heart drew. and fab is so hot. they make the cutest couple.
Isabella-Welling Isabella-Welling 11 years
its okay 4 drew 2 flip us off,she's cool,other celebs think they r privaleged but they r not-that is when it is wrong,lol!whats all the writing on her hand?:)
Faye16 Faye16 11 years
Oh, yeah, just noticed since lesocialite pointed it out, it looks really grubby or it's a bruise. Hmm... Kudos, for wearing something again.
esmy-J esmy-J 11 years
Her boyfriend is really cute, but not with that hair covering his face.
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