You'll Crack Up Watching All of Ellen DeGeneres's Hilarious Scares

Ellen DeGeneres [1] is known for expertly scaring her guests, and over the past year, there have been some seriously memorable surprises. On Tuesday, the talk-show host shared a must-see supercut featuring some of her favorite scares, with several famous faces ending up totally terrified. There's the time Nicki Minaj yelled at the top of her lungs, that time Kristen Wiig literally crawled out of her chair, and Jake Gyllenhaal [2]'s unforgettable "What the f*ck?!" moment. Oh, and earlier this year, Ellen scared Justin Bieber [3] with a guy who was very appropriately wearing Calvin Klein underwear. Too good! Watch some of Ellen's favorite scares in the supercut above, then vote for her in our POP 100 poll for the star with the best fan base [4]!

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