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Ellen DeGeneres to Marry Portia de Rossi

Ellen and Portia Are Getting Married!

Yesterday while taping her show that airs today, Ellen DeGeneres made an important announcement to the audience. Just hours after the California Supreme Court overturned legislation banning same sex marriage, the talk show host announced plans to walk down the aisle with her longtime girlfriend Portia de Rossi! Check out the announcement below; so sweet with Portia in the audience. Ellen also released this statement to The Advocate in response to the legislation:

I’m thrilled that the California supreme court overturned the ban on gay marriage. I can’t wait to get married. We all deserve the same rights, and I believe that someday we’ll look back on this and not allowing gays to marry will seem as absurd as not allowing women to vote.

P.S. I’m registered at Crate & Barrel.

Congratulations to Ellen and Portia, one of our favorite duos, and couples all over California who are celebrating the excellent news!

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