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Ellen Page Tweets About DOMA

Our Favorite Funny-Lady Tweets of the Week

This week, some of our favorite funny ladies on Twitter sent out their best quips in response to the Supreme Court rulings on DOMA and Prop 8, whiles others shared their insights on airline food, the drink line at Starbucks, and a new nickname for smoothies.

We've got the best funny-lady tweets from the week right here, so check them out below and get ready to crack a smile!

While thinking about your execution meal seems a little macabre, it's really all about the food.

Salman Rushdie's response was "Salmon may have been there but I wasn't. Anyway it sounds fishy to me." We're dead.


She may be small, but she really knows how to dish it out:

Read on to see the rest of this week's funniest tweets.

Alas, we've all had moments like this:

We want Diablo Cody to be our spirit guide. She just gets us.

Similar: ordering a large pizza "for your whole family" and then eating all of it. No shame.

If you think about it though, this proposed term is way more accurate.

The next logical step after gay marriage:

This sounds a little bit like a nightmare, but we're glad it only yielded giggles.

Ah, that rubbery lasagna and prepackaged brownie. Those were the days.

Crush your automobile! Wait. We meant to type, "Curse you autocorrect!"

Honestly, Lena Dunham's dog's diet doesn't sound half bad.

Good to know we're not the only ones who like to role-play Games of Thrones.

This'll teach 'em:

But really, is anyone really about that life while lying around on Facebook?

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