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POPSUGAR / paid for by /

Episode 8

Now Barry-free, Skylar lands a sweet gig on a Civil War period drama, but when she arrives she finds she has to dress Cory, the bratty teen star Barry gave a swirly to. On set, she starts to read Barry’s latest blog entries and realizes that, in his awkward way, he’s actually a good friend to her. Then, in a confrontation with Cory, Skylar surprises herself by showing some Barry-like assertiveness and walks off the set. Worried about Barry, she starts driving around in the Escape looking for him. Turns out, though, his script “YESTERDEAD” has caught the eye of a high-powered talent agency and he’s meeting with them. Skylar later finds him back at her house, contrite, and, before he can apologize to her, she apologizes to him and they make up — perhaps not to the extent that Barry fantasizes about.

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