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Ethan Doesn't Want to Be Hot

Ethan Doesn't Want to Be Hot

Ever since his much publicized divorce from Uma, Ethan Hawke has chosen to take a page out of Matt Damon's book and avoid the spotlight as much as possible. He's working on a play right now called The Coast of Utopia. It's a nine-hour-trilogy set in 19th Century Russia. Not exactly the type of project that gets you on the cover of magazines. And that's exactly how Ethan wants it. Here's highlights from this Sunday's issue of PARADE magazine:

  • On his looks:
    “I’ve never wanted to be too hot, I don’t know how Brad Pitt does it.”
  • On fame:
    “To be honest, it was an undue pressure on my marriage. I didn’t like being famous when I was single, and what it did to my celebrity status to be married to another famous person was a huge pressure—one I didn’t enjoy. And it had nothing to do with her. Nothing to do with her."
  • On Uma:
    “She’s a great mother, and raising the kids is a priority for both of us. We’re so fortunate that we have each other’s back in that way. Because I write and act in theater, it’s a lot easier for me to stay in the city. But my ex-wife has done a phenomenal job of that as well. She plans all her movies to shoot in New York.”
  • On NY:
    Hawke says that New York City is a great place to be divorced. “We live down the street from each other. If we lived down the street from each other in Minneapolis, I’d have to watch every car go in and out of the driveway. I’d know how late she stayed out. I don’t have to know any of that stuff.”

Sounds like Ethan is doing just fine. We still love him from those Reality Bites days with Winona. Too bad that was over a decade ago. At least he's found happiness in the theater and as a writer - it's important for actors to have other interests and Ethan definitely has those.

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