OK... see if you can follow this one. Last week Eva Longoria and Tony Parker denied that their relationship was over, then Eva's people confirmed that the couple was "going through a rough patch". On Saturday another source revealed that they were over, but Tony said earlier this week that they are on. And now we hear that not only are Eva and Tony over, they have been over for three weeks and Eva is seeing her longtime friend Mario Lopez! Apparently Eva and Mario have been "friends with benefits" for the past six years. US Weekly reports:

Post breakup, Parker and Longoria found comfort in others. According to the New York Post, Parker ran into an old girlfriend at NYC club Marquee September 26. Says a source, “Eva was devastated when pals told her he was hugging a blonde." That same night, she cuddled with Lopez at L.A. hot spot Les Deaux.

Says a witness, “She pretended to answer his cell, saying things like, ‘Mario can’t get to the phone because I’m sitting on his lap and he’s kissing my neck.'”

But wait, there's more...the latest is that Eva and Lopez have now called it quits and Eva and Tony are talking, trying to work things out. Whichever it is, we wish Eva the best. More pics of Eva out and about in her pink slippers, so