Exclusive Interview with John Mayer Talking About His Grammy Wins, Photos of Him Outside Armani Party
Oscar-Bound John Mayer Isn't Blocking Any Blessings

John Mayer might think his suit feels like pajamas, but it certainly made him look dapper as he stood outside the Armani party in NYC last night. John recently revealed to us that he's going to the Oscars this weekend, where he'll get another chance to show off his tan after his romantic getaway with Jennifer Aniston. While this news is very exciting, he also talked how it felt to take home two trophies at the Grammys this year. He said,

"It was amazing. I didn’t have the highest output I wanted to have last year so I just hope that I can... I know I’m making a record this year. As my great friend Joy says 'Never block a blessing.' So I’m not going to block a blessing of two Grammys but I cant wait to work even harder next year, on the next record."

Even when John gets into serious music-making mode, hopefully he won't disappear entirely. Make sure to tune in this weekend for all of our live Oscar coverage and fill out your ballot to win a year of movies!