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FITSUGAR SNEAK PEEK: Healthy Eating Out Tips

We just can't get enough of this blogging thing so we are branching out yet again. Get excited because FitSugar is coming soon! See below for a sneak peek:

Wednesday night was a sad night on The Biggest Loser. The Red Team kicked off Ken, the amazing shrinking man, who had lost a total of 68 pounds in six weeks. Talk about motivation.

Aside from kicking my favorite teammate off, another twist was that the Blue Team was forced to face an interesting challenge: eating out ONLY, for 72 hours. Eating out is yummy and fun, but if you are trying to eat right, it could be detrimental to your regime. So keep in mind a few Fit tips to eat out right:

  • If at a restaurant, ask the server to not bring the bread and butter. A good rule of thumb is you won't miss what you can't see.
  • Learn this term: Clean. It means no oil, no fat and no surprises. Use it when ordering poultry and fish.
  • If there is an option between two portion sizes, opt for the smaller one. Restaurants tend to oversize portions dramatically.

Want to have Kate Beckinsale's body but don't know how to get it? Need to learn how to de-stress the healthy way? Itching to discuss whether eating organic is worth it or totally over-hyped? Read about all of this and more on our next site, FitSugar!

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To see more eating out hints and an example menu item to modify,

  • Always customize. I know it may seem tedious and annoying but without it, you almost definitely will not get a healthy meal.
  • If you don't get what you ordered, send it back. Period. If you ordered chicken and it came to you un-cooked, you'd send it back because you didn't order raw chicken. Same theory can apply to anything you order.
  • When in doubt, go the salad route. Most salads will be a good healthy bet especially with dressing and cheeses on the side.

A COBB SALAD at The Cheesecake Factory: Chicken Breast, Avocado, Blue Cheese, Bacon, Tomato, Egg and Lettuce Tossed in their House Vinaigrette.

You [to waiter]: "So, I'll have the lunch portion Cobb Salad with the chicken clean and no bacon, but could I have tomatoes on it as well, please? Also I would like the blue cheese and dressing on the side.

Waiter: "Ok, thank you. I'll go ahead and get that in and in the mean time I'll bring you some bread."

You: "You know what? No bread for me today, but thank you."

You get the idea.


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