We've already watched 3 episodes of Prison Break which EW is saying is one of the 10 Shows You Need to See this fall. So far we are very intrigued to see where this show goes. They say the escape from prison is only the beginning which is good because I was wondering what they were going to do next season.

As for the rest of the week, The OC and Reunion premiere tonight. Yeah! Finally the gang is back. Things ended on a sad note last season with Caleb's funeral, Kirsten entering rehab and Trey getting shot by Marissa who was defending Ryan. Life in The OC is so dramatic. Since you know we have been counting down to the premiere tonight we have done everything to avoid spoilers but if you want them, read a spoiler here or here. But don't say I didn't warn you. I hate spoilers.

For reviews of the new shows including Reunion, Kitchen Confidential and The War at Home as well as a FOX premiere date calendar,

Premiere Calendar for FOX:

Finally FOX has found a perfect pairing for The OC. The cast is young and hot and the story is fun and mysterious. Our favorite Tom Cruise look-alike, Sean Faris, from last years Life As We Know It, is one of the six main characters in this cast. The premise of the show is that it takes place in real time to find out who killed someone. Then we flash back to the 80's. Each episode is a different year until we end up at the high school 20 year Reunion which makes us wonder what next year will be about, but for now, we are in.

Kitchen Confidential
By far one of the best new shows this fall. It's based on the book by famous chef Anthony Bourdain. Bradley Cooper from Alias, Jack and Bobby and The Wedding Crashers is our main character and he is fabulous. Combined with Darren Star's genius, the show is fast paced, interesting and super fun to watch. It makes a chef look like a rock star. Who knew? Also in the cast is John Cho from Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle, and the sexy Jaime King. Set your TiVos for this one now!

The War at Home
Michael Rappaport is hilarious in this new family comedy. I was totally laughing at loud. It is a modern Rosanne/Married with Children type of comedy but not as white-trashy.