Not only was Taye Diggs just named one of People’s Sexiest Men Alive, but he’s starring in a new ABC drama, called Day Break, which premieres tonight at 8/9 c.

Judging from the pilot, Day Break could finally be Diggs’ big break, as it’s equally adept at showing off his acting chops and his sexy bod. Plus, the series has a very cool concept backing it up: Diggs is reliving a single day of his life on repeat, a la Groundhog Day. And it’s not a particularly good day, since he’s been falsely accused of murdering the Assistant D.A.

Day Break kicks off with seven of the most action-packed minutes in TV: Diggs takes a sexy shower with his lady friend, saves a woman’s life during a bus crash, finds his apartment ransacked, and gets arrested. But that’s only the beginning, because throughout the episode, the story starts over two more times, each time playing out the scenario differently depending on how Diggs attempts to change his destiny. As a viewer, you get new glimpses of what’s going on each time, so you slowly start to piece the story together, and I’m assuming the show will continue to reveal new clues with each new episode. But while that device worked well in a movie like Run Lola Run, I worry that Day Break might begin to feel repetitive when stretched over an entire season. In fact, the pilot even started to feel a little bit repetitive. Then again, after watching the pilot, I can’t wait to see what happens next, so maybe the show is on to something.