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Fall TV Preview: Friday Night Lights

The much anticipated new show, Friday Night Lights premieres tonight at 8/7c on NBC. The show is based on both the book and the movie of the same name and even has the same director, Peter Berg. So was it really necessary to make this into a TV show also? Anyone remember the disaster TV show that was based on one of the best movies of all time, Clueless?

For those of you who missed the movie, the show has the same premise in that it takes place in a small town in Texas that revolves around the high school football team. Coach Taylor has just been promoted to head coach and is under a lot of pressure by the townspeople to do well. The hands-down most exciting thing about this new show is Kyle Chandler as Coach Taylor. Kyle played Dylan, the hot bomb squad guy that got blown up last season on Grey's Anatomy! Just like in the movie, the star quarterback gets hurt at the end of the first episode and it seems that the rest of the season will tell the story of the rise of the second string quarterback and the trials and tribulations of the first time head coach. I actually enjoyed the pilot, but with all of the good new shows out this season, I feel like I've already seen this one before.

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