It's finally here! The night we have been waiting for all summer! Grey's Anatomy premieres tonight at 9/8c on ABC! In case you forgot, here is what happened at the end of last season's episode: Izzie risks her career to secure a new heart for Denny. Denny gets the heart, survives the operation and proposes to Izzie. It looks like they are going to live happily every after until Denny suddenly gets a blood clot and dies. Izzie, in her happily ever after Cinderella dress, finds him, freaks out and decides to quit the surgical internship program. Meanwhile, Burke has woken up from his surgery after being shot on his way back from recovering the heart for Denny and finds that he has a shake in the hand he uses for surgery. Meredith invites Finn, her sexy veterinarian, to the Seattle Grace prom and Derek invites his wife, Addison. Meredith and Derek lock eyes across the dance floor and the next thing we know, they are hooking up in an examination room. At the end of the episode we see Meredith standing between Derek and Finn while each waits expectantly for her to choose between them.

So what happens tonight? Will Meredith and Derek finally settle their romance one way or the other? Will Izzie come back to the surgical program? Is Burke done performing heart surgery forever? I can hardly wait to find out!