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Fall TV Preview: The Nine

What Happened In There? Tonight we will finally begin to find out as The Nine premieres at 10/9c on ABC. The show is based on the lives of nine complete strangers who are survivors of a bank robbery gone bad. Held hostage for 52 hours, only they know what went on inside the bank, but we will find out a little more each week. All we know is that each person's life has dramatically changed by the time they are set free.

Cutie Scott Wolf (Everwood, Party of Five) plays Jeremy Kates a hot-shot surgeon who is about to find out that his fiance, Lizzie Miller (Jessica Collins, The Ghost Whisperer) is pregnant. However, when they come out of the bank, they are no longer engaged and he still is in the dark about his unborn child. What Happened In There?

Other notable cast members include Kim Raver (24) as Kathryn Hale a young, ambitious Assistant D.A who is now questioning the authority under which she is so gainfully employed due to their handling of the hostage situation.

I was definitely intrigued by the end of the episode, but there were parts of the show that were slightly more dramatic than necessary and I am not sure we can handle that much drama back to back with Lost! On the other hand, it could be the perfect marriage. Stay tuned.

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