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Fashionfan33 Fashionfan33 4 years
I'm going to have to respectfully disagree. Feminism is quite simply "the theory of the political, economic, and social equality of the sexes" -- as defined by the Merriam-Webster dictionary. A feminist is person who believes the sexes should be treated equally. It's not about claiming the sexes are physical the same, it's not about abandoning "femininity", it has nothing to do with "man bashing," and does nothing to diminish "masculinity." Frankly, any man whose masculinity is threatened by women being treated equally must not be much of a man.
bluegirl58 bluegirl58 4 years
Well said and I couldn't agree more - enough with bashing men. You can be a confident and successful woman without leaving your femininity behind and belittling an entire segment of the population to attain that goal.
TheLionsWords TheLionsWords 4 years
Lets make a point clear. There is a difference between women's rights and feminism. Feminism is a cancer on society taught to turn men and women into androgynous beings. The people behind feminism today, unlike those of voting rights time, are filled more with vile than justice. The war on boys has left the country with weak men and frustrated women. Feminism does not seek to acquire equality but power. They teach against the basic natural instincts you have been in grained with. Not seen many masculine men around in awhile? Do your research on who's responsible. The old saying 'opposites attract' does not refer to personality, but polarity. The opposite polar beings that are masculine and feminine are nature's perfect way of courtship. The stronger the masculine and feminine presence, the stronger the attraction. Even in LGB communities you will have one slightly more masculine partner. One can see the high divorce rate and rise of feminism correlate. Equality is a more complicated issue because men and women are not equal emotionally or physically. These are biological facts that are indisputable. This is not saying one is more dominant but it does mean one has an advantage in certain areas. A woman would not be able to do the physically demanding jobs of some men and a man cannot produce life. Feminism would not be such a problem without the "passionate" beliefs of these so called 'women'. If you read any heavenly littered feminism literature you will find hate and an aggressive attack on men. I've sat through the woman's studies classes and read the books. All of their so called 'points' they make can be easily disputed by common sense. Now, women are taught to put off marriage (or never marry), sleep around, concentrate on themselves instead of other people. This has created a generation of spoiled, entitled, loose women. You cannot tell me you have not noticed this in popular society. These girls become frustrated, jaded, and used. This lifestyle has left them never entirely fit for marriage. Still looking for your Prince Charming? That's strange, you don't seem much like a princess... We are all given nature's jobs. Our duty as a human begin. Men are biologically designed to protect, provide and love. Woman are designed to produce, nurture and love (to grossly simplify it). It's called the division of labor and its what gave the homo sapiens the advantage over the neanderthals and America over communist countries. When this balance is tipped you get undesirable consequences. In later days, when a man opens a door for a woman two things were happening simultaneously. The man was acknowledging his masculine dominance as physical protector. The woman, accepting this fact, acknowledges her gratitude with a smile and 'thank you'. This simple gesture sums up the basis of the masculine and feminine interaction. We are both there to provide for the other person, not surpass or compete with. This post is not an attack on woman at all, just feminism as an acceptable ideology. And let's face it, the big feminist pro-activates do not resemble any sort of a woman.
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