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Link Time — Some Fans Don't Want Kristen Stewart at Water For Elephants Premiere

TRH37 TRH37 6 years
That is just sooooo disrespectful and very wrong. These people call themselves FANS???? What do they think Rob would think of this. Actually, he would probably laugh it off and so would Kristen.,They don't care about this sort of thing on the internet or around in the tabloids....they have better things to do than think or worry about stupid SHIT like this..... Because they don't care about SHIT like this. But, it is still so wrong of the people that even tried to get it done. I LOVE ROBERT AND KRISTEN and I'm glad that a REAL FAN saw her in the theater with TOM~Reese's New Husband...I'm very excited that she was seen waiting for her SWEETHEART while he does the red carpet part of the job. KRISTEN YOU WILL ALWAYS HAVE MY SUPPORT!!!!! We supported her before she even became part of twilight and now we support her even more.,SHE IS A GREAT ACTRESS!!!! TO ALL THOSE NON-FANS AND HATERS!!!!! ROBERT AND KRISTEN BELONG TOGETHER FOREVER!!!!! NO MATTER WHAT YOU SAY AND DO, THEY WILL BE TOGETHER SO STOP BEING SO DISRESPECTFUL ALREADY!!!!!
brendaroswell1 brendaroswell1 6 years
i think they should keep there apoions to there self and quiet bashing kristin there not her parents they dont own her she can go where ever she wants and think robert would want her to come
KL-movielover KL-movielover 6 years
People who try to start petitions like this...should be laughed right off the internet...cause it's so stupid. I hope Rob brings her, holds her hand and cuddles with her all throughout the premiere. I'm a Twilight fan, but don't come anywhere close to acting crazy. I enjoy the books, movies & cast...simple as that. ♥ Twi-Freaks is more appropriate for the loonies who can't control themselves with ANY cast member...GAH!!!
kaseysmama kaseysmama 6 years
I don't think Rob and KS are together but for any fan of Rob's to try and ban KS from being somewhere that he is.....that's just ludicris and I DO NOT support this.
tringa-R tringa-R 6 years
go Kristen just to make them mad and of course u can go for Robs pleasure :P... ROBSTEN 4ever
carolineishere carolineishere 6 years
Internet petitions are a joke.
sarahelizabeth20 sarahelizabeth20 6 years
Call me Pollyanna, but both Rob and Kristen appear to being doing great personally AND career wise. I'm horrible about predicting who will or won't last, but there's just something about them that leads me to think if any two can survive it's definitely them. (I know, I know sounds horribly naive, yes, yes I know how old they are, calm down folks) No, I don't think they are Edward and Bella. Please. It's their off-screen chemistry that draws me in. And, yes I will go see On the Road and Water for Elephants. I don't need to see them on-screen together. However, I'm also looking forward to BD. Frankly, I just want to see great movies? Am I asking too much for 2011? Hope not!
carolineishere carolineishere 6 years
Is everyone so gullible that they think a fake petition can ban certain celebs from being at a movie premiere or other Hollywood event? However, no one has proved that such a ridiculous petition exists.
jackiered jackiered 6 years
imlookinatanangel imlookinatanangel 6 years
i realllllyyyyy hope she goes! (; happy new year everyone!!
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