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Celebrity Couples
Amal Clooney's Mom Tags Along With Her Daughter and George For a Truly Sweet Red Carpet Outing
Celebrity Friendships
Jeffrey Dean Morgan and Norman Reedus Have a Nice Little Cuddle Session on the Red Carpet
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PinkNC PinkNC 10 years
Hey it's Ferris Bueller...hey Matthew. And I think some of these people look a hot mess as always. And I don't like that belt either.
yami_mf yami_mf 10 years
woooww Jess looks so cute!! :)
creepupmytee creepupmytee 10 years
jessica isn't hot. she's ridiculously toned.
Jacqui Jacqui 10 years
Does anyone know if that Jessica's dress is one of her own designs? It kinda of looks like a rip-off of a Kate Moss for Topshop dress. And it wouldn't surprise me if Jessica copied someone elses ideas, she's not very bright.
trippa trippa 10 years
She-male Simpson kind of looks like an uglier version of Pamela Anderson here, its really time she admits to her surgery.
musiclvr224 musiclvr224 10 years
I dont like Jessica's dress but her natural makeup looks great on her! LOVE Bette Midler!
DebbieK DebbieK 10 years
J Simp needs to get rid of the belt. It is making her already short torso look even stumpier. Seriously, I can't believe that Michael Kors is smiling while standing near her. When does Project Runway start up again?
klynnmorton klynnmorton 10 years
Love Love Love Jessica S...she looks great!
ThatsBloo2You ThatsBloo2You 10 years
I love you Jessica and Bette! Woo Hoo!
fleurfairy fleurfairy 10 years
And I'm sorry, but SJP better get her style back for the return of Sex and the City. Her hair color is drab and ages her. She needs to go back to blonde. She's look 10 years younger. I'm not impressed with her fashion choices. What with the brown leather belt over the evening dress? How many times do we need to see another boring black strapless dress on her? Come on Sarah Jessica, get it together!
nomerz nomerz 10 years
I can't believe Jessica hasn't been attacked by PETA yet. I am over her. MK on the other hand -- I'm so glad to see her out and about! :)
redhot redhot 10 years
who cares
fleurfairy fleurfairy 10 years
Jessica Simpson 15 minutes of fame are over. She's one bad performance away from being Britney Spears. As for her style, it's mediocre at best. She over-accessorizes like Eva Longoria. Both have that tacky, cheap way of making a designer outfit look like it came from Sears.
ashleygaidhlig ashleygaidhlig 10 years
I'm not too sure about what Jessica is wearing, but Sjp and Matthew always look great! love these pics of MK!
fashionstar fashionstar 10 years
I hate that dress on Jessica it looks like it wants to be a sundress and an evening gown all at once. And all I can see is those huge boobs.
SassAndBide SassAndBide 10 years
lol carrie&ferris beuller! :)
romes romes 10 years
Jessica's dress is unattractive and the hem line takes your eyes to her ugly knees. I think all that working out was overdone and make her look unnatural.
smootchick smootchick 10 years
Dear God, what is Jessica Simpson wearing?
lindaloo lindaloo 10 years
How many power couples can you have at one event?
forlinda1 forlinda1 10 years
you are can you not love the picture of MK
Honeychild Honeychild 10 years
Love Ashleys make up in the pics, Jess dress is FAB!
betweenxxfreedom betweenxxfreedom 10 years
i don't like jessica's dress, it's just.. not my choise by the other hand, i never know who is who from those two but the olsen girl looksgreat
MissBardot MissBardot 10 years
I do like Jessica's dress; it's different and I love the color, but I agree with tatti33, all her acessories are wrong
SassAndBide SassAndBide 10 years
tati33 tati33 10 years
i agree..
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