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Favorite Sexy Guy of 2011 PopSugar Poll

Best of 2011: Who Is the Sexiest Man of the Year?

We've already tallied your votes for the sexiest woman of 2011, and now it's time to crown a king of hotness. Athletes David Beckham and Tom Brady join a long list of TV and big-screen actors like Brad Pitt, Ian Somerhalder, and Ryan Gosling. Robert Pattinson and Chris Hemsworth sizzled in front of the camera, but tell us — who gets your vote for sexiest man of 2011?

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2Chris4Chris 2Chris4Chris 5 years
what an interestig poll  
Rosie2489460 Rosie2489460 5 years
I've choosed Rob Pattz, but don't really mind if rob or Ian wins :) VAMPIRE LOVER :) 
Rosie2489460 Rosie2489460 5 years
robsten4ever1 robsten4ever1 5 years
justmefanfan justmefanfan 5 years
saving... tigers.... in China?? O-o.. i better shut up as i am asked. no, i will just say some words. please, let's be specific, we are talking the sexiest man here..
justmefanfan justmefanfan 5 years
@37 "..But part of .. charm is his eyes( of course!) and his ability to charm any lady he wants. He is such a sweet talker! No man uses his eyes to express himself like Ian does! It's just too sexy to describe! And his smile/smirk is incredibly sexy. Also his bad boy image on the show- WOW, hot hot hot" isn't it all about Robert Pattinson?? absolutely, yes, it's about him.. and this is just a small part of the list.. how about Robert's many talents, velvet voice, charming manners, his hair brand, long lashes, sensual lips, masculine jawporn.. sorry jaw, long and thin fingers.. his funny and witty interviews, his protectiveness toward ladies he has been spotted with on and off screen.. his kindness to countless fans... i can go on and on.. But this is, i guess, how you see Ian.. i respect your opinion and find your obsession with him as normal as mine with Rob.
d8mtr d8mtr 5 years
IAN!!! IAN!!! IAN!!! I mean look at those eyes! look at that smirk!! not to mention his brilliant acting as Damon Salvatore in the Vampire Diaries and the fact that he actually uses his fame for a good cause in the form of ISF to save the planet and its animals, he is the complete package so Ian wins my favorite sexy guy vote hands-down!!! & that tag for him is soo perfect, "He's so sexy it's scary." XD
dewa130 dewa130 5 years
rob is sexy without trying
annexstar14 annexstar14 5 years
this is so hilarious .. why is it that only few who voted for Zac efron for the Sexiest man of the year .. !!! hahaha .. the answer is truly ZAC EFRON he is the most sexiest man in the Hollywood !!!
lhizz lhizz 5 years
1327367 1327367 5 years
L M A O. These comments are hilarious. @MovieBuffchick: EXACTLY.
sassou-pattinson sassou-pattinson 5 years
sassou-pattinson sassou-pattinson 5 years
rob is best and shut up haters no one asked for your opinion he an amazing actor and singer he's gorgeous i love him so mush im addicted to him it's obvious he's the hottest man on earth <3
MovieBuffchick MovieBuffchick 5 years
Taste is subjective. Just because you prefer one actor doesn't mean you have to be insulting to the other actors on the poll or to people's preference of them. Stay classy people.
RpattzsWife RpattzsWife 5 years
Rob FTW! He's is more than just an actor from Twilight you assholes, he's a human being just like the rest of us and he has done plenty of other roles in which he was amazing and gorgeous! It's unfair to judge him just based on one role that you are not a fan of. and @wolfgirlbabe: Who the hell is asking for votes, certainly not Rob! He has plenty of genuine and heartfelt fans!
wolfgirlbabe wolfgirlbabe 5 years
Ian doesn't have to ask for votes and he isn't dumbass twilight fans. Ian ftw!
alisonsosa alisonsosa 5 years
ROBERT PATTINSON!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ♥
Mcrlovrfan Mcrlovrfan 5 years
What is people on this days? Ian is not asking for votes in this poll on twitter! can you please shut up and stick to the facts? if you go to his twitter you will see him asking people to sign a petition to help saving tigers in China, not this poll! I believe everyone in this poll is beautiful, I happen to like every guy in this list, but the sexiest of them all, to me, is Ian Somerhalder. I'd love to see people stop coming up with stupid stories about him voting for himself several times when you can only vote ONCE. Duh. Ian FTW!
russiatvd russiatvd 5 years
Gosling because of Drive
BelOo98 BelOo98 5 years
weshgirl you're TOTALLY right. i mean, Ian is the sweetest guy on this planet because he can act verry well, he is very hot( and those blue eyes:x) and he takes care of nature. so VOTE IAN!!!
welshgirl welshgirl 5 years
I have honestly never ever understood this fascination with Rob. Honestly. He's not ugly, but he's nothing special. And he cannot act! He is simply so dead pan, especially in all the Twilight movies as is Kristen Stewart. David Beckham, Brad Pitt and Daniel Craig are obviously hot, but unfortunately past their sell by date. Chris Hemsworth and Tom Brady could be hot, but their hair puts me off- looks a bit greasy too. Ryan Gosling is average. Zac Efron and Ryan Reynolds are absolutely gorgeous, but the real showstopper here is Ian Somerhalder! He's not only the best looking, but he is such a sweetheart. He is one of hardly any celebrities who actually uses his fame to aid greater causes- for example his ISF Foundation, which helps prevent destruction of the environment. He set it up himself and is extremely dedicated- if you look at his twitter timeline most of his tweets are to do with his foundation! He is just so passionate about what he believes in- that is extremely sexy. But part of Ian's charm is his eyes( of course!) and his ability to charm any lady he wants. He is such a sweet talker! If you don't watch Vampire Diaries then you probably won't have any idea what I'm talking about- watch a clip on youtube or something and you will! No man uses his eyes to express himself like Ian does! It's just too sexy to describe! And his smile/smirk is incredibly sexy. Also his bad boy image on the show- WOW, hot hot hot! Ok, I'm going to stop talking now, just in case you think I'm obsessed:/
Crystal2930 Crystal2930 5 years
Um, it`s obvious who is the sexiest, Robert Pattinson.
Ryangerexia Ryangerexia 5 years
Ryan Reynolds is the HOTTEST of them all! And I don't get why he's only got 3% of the votes! Anyway, I <3 him mucho!!!!
dewa130 dewa130 5 years
My boy Rob, of course yeah Ian usually ask help via his friend tweeter, famewhore!
marlena128 marlena128 5 years
Definetly Robert Pattinson...I also like Ian...but find Rob to be sexier. And just because Rob was in Twilight makes no difference to this 47 year old mom. He's hot...he can act, he sings, plays guitar and piano. And has a great sense of humor. He is the whole package.
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