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Favorite Shirtless Star of 2011 PopSugar Poll

Best of 2011: Who Is Your Favorite Shirtless Star?

This year was a memorable year for shirtless moments! David Beckham spent the Summer in Malibu surfing the waves, while Jake Gyllenhaal showed skin in Hawaii on a family vacation. Zac Efron was top dog in our annual shirtless bracket, and buff newcomer Andrew Garfield revealed what he's been hiding under his extra tight Spiderman suit. With so many good-looking men to choose from, tell us — which hot guy is your favorite shirtless star of 2011?

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campbrad campbrad 5 years
How did Robert Pattinson win this?! He seems like a lovely fellow, but he does not have a particularly good body...
mocalila mocalila 5 years
Where are the Ryan's???
Robecca Robecca 5 years
I love Rob more than anyone, but this is where I vote my second favorite man. Much as I love Robbie, my vote goes for Zac. This beautiful man has the best bod. It is soooo obvious.
angellynx angellynx 5 years
I want to know why isn't Chris Hemsworth (Thor) on this list? Now that's a shirtless contest winner as far as I'm concerned! Robert Pattinson really? Wimpiest chest winner maybe! Seriously LOL,
mel-efron-C mel-efron-C 5 years
mel-efron-C mel-efron-C 5 years
zac obvious heart
mel-efron-C mel-efron-C 5 years
zac efron :D (L)
mel-efron-C mel-efron-C 5 years
robert has biceps? really??? where :S Come on, rob does not have a great body should not be earning .. we should be realists He does not have good body! the best shirtless star is Zac Efron! obvious :D <3 <3
Marlowe Marlowe 5 years
Rob !!! :heart:
frozentime frozentime 5 years
ROB!!!..he's sexy without the abs and the biceps and all...just all natural!!
coniBarriosc coniBarriosc 5 years
are you kidding me? robert pattinson is winning? =S ok, people, we should be realists... he's great but his abs are not. Let me tell you that the best shirtless star of 2011 is ZAC EFRON!!
Margarethe Margarethe 5 years
Rob looks like a normal Person. He is lean and has a real nice Body..I'm not into the hard body dumbell wheeling guy..because I want someone who is natural.......and I'm convinced that he has the right build where its needed..hahaha
hilpatt hilpatt 5 years
I love robert, and yes, he is the winner, Robert is beautiful, sexy, NOT THE OTHERS.
mollymoreen mollymoreen 5 years
YES where is ryan gosling?! Hello, shirtless scene in "crazy stupid love"??? And Robert Pattinson? REALLY!?
Guest104498 Guest104498 5 years
lol @ Robert Pattinson. Put the shirt back on please.
arcticpuppet arcticpuppet 5 years
jake gyllenhaal, of course.
Marlowe Marlowe 5 years
ROB !!!!!!! :heart:
Frida83 Frida83 5 years
Don't you know VaneM77, on this site Twilight will win no matter what the topic. And yes, I'm missing Ryan Gosling!
VaneM77 VaneM77 5 years
I also agree with you Alexsa where are the Ryans??? LoL!!!
Treeflection Treeflection 5 years
I voted for Hugh Jackman, but only because David Boreanaz wasn't on the list!
alexsa21 alexsa21 5 years
I sooooooo agree with VaneM77. Seriously, I guess those that are voting for him know don't know that his abs were airbrushed to appear that he has defined abs. Where are the two Ryan's??? I say Matthew McConaughey or David should be leading in this category.
VaneM77 VaneM77 5 years
I get the appeal of Edward and I take nothing away from Robert Pattinson, hes a charming guy but why is he winning in a shirtless competition?
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