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Feeling Bad For Britney

Even Donald Trump and Stephen King have expressed their two cents about the world of Britney Spears. Donald wrote a note on his blog where he sounded like he is rooting for the old Britney we love to return just as much as we are. Stephen King wrote in his EW article that he understands her pain of having to deal with the paparazzi. He too feels bad for her yet for some weird reason he can't stop watching to see what this girl will do next just like all of us. Check out what Stephen wrote about her Dateline interview:

I felt bad for Poor Brit, who looked very young, very pregnant, sometimes very bewildered, and on several occasions pretty dumb. (Losing the gum might have helped.) I felt bad for feeling even a little concerned about her problems, when hundreds of thousands of people are starving in Darfur. I felt bad for Matt Lauer, who looked too smart for the job he was doing. And I felt bad for NBC, who that night gave half an hour to the world's problems at dinnertime and an hour to a slightly over-the-hill pop princess during prime time. Yet there I was. Hell, I even took notes.

To see what Donald wrote and more of King's article,

Donald's wrote:

I really want to have sympathy for Britney Spears. And I hate to give the impression that I'm picking on her. But not long ago Britney went on television with Matt Lauer on NBC's "Dateline," pleading for her privacy.

She admitted that she was an emotional wreck but the interview ended up being an incredible train wreck. First, Britney looked terrible. Her skirt was too short. Her makeup was messy. When she opened her mouth, it only got worse. She blamed the paparazzi for her bad image. She didn't admit that she made a mistake by driving with her baby on her lap.

And even though she described her marriage to her husband as awesome, somehow Kevin never managed to show up for the interview. Now I have a problem criticizing Kevin because he goes around and tells people that Donald Trump is his hero. The fact is, it is a pretty strange relationship.

During that interview, Britney complained about all the media attention and tearfully begged to be left alone. I almost bought it.

Until I saw her posing nude - and very pregnant - on the cover of the most recent issue of Harper's Bazaar. She has absolutely nothing to promote - no new record, no movie, no book. So, to a lot of people, it sounds like the only possible thing she could be doing is trying to keep her name in the news.

Inside the magazine, the layout includes a photo of Britney in a backless evening gown carrying her son...and another shot of her lying down on a fur coat wearing nothing but a G-string.

Britney has seen better days. She performed four or five years ago at the Trump Taj Mahal and she was great. Now it seems as if everything's slipping away from her. Britney, don't let that happen. Don't let it slip away. Keep your head on straight.

Donald's Blog

The Stephen King Article

The Princess and the Paparazzi

Stephen King on Britney Spears -- The pop of king looks at the recent appearance of the popstar on ''Dateline'' by Stephen King

Let's get one thing straight, okay? In that strange, vulgar, brightly colored section of the popular culture known as Celebrity World, the paparazzi are the lowest form of human life. I have been touched by them only peripherally, and it's been years since I really engaged their flea-like attention, yet recalling their exuberant shouts — ''Hey, Stephen, look over here! Stephen, just one more! Hey, Stephen, where ya goin'?'' — is still enough to make my skin prickle with shame and fury. The intrusion is part of it, the sense of entitlement is more of it, but the constant bray of your first name is the worst of it. They use your first name the way the cops on The Shield do when they're interviewing child molesters.

So when Britney Spears finally broke down during her interview with Matt Lauer on the June 15 version of NBC's Dateline celebrity grope, I wasn't surprised that it was the paps who pushed her over the edge. When asked what she would say to them if she could talk to them as individuals — a ridiculous idea in itself, since when working the paparazzi travel in packs, like hyenas, and when alone they don't exist — Britney replied, ''[I'd tell them] You have babies at home.... You have to realize that we're people.... We just need privacy and we need our respect.''

Never going to happen. And surely Poor Brit, who turns the waterworks off just as quickly as she turns them on, knows this. She has never projected a tenth of Madonna's savoir faire, getting by on a kind of puffy cheerleader charm that isn't in the same league as the Material Girl's come-here-darling-and-let-me-eat-you-alive sensuality, but that doesn't make her stupid. She began setting off flashbulbs at the age of 17, in that oh-baby schoolgirl's outfit. Now she's stuck trying to explain pics of herself driving with her child in her lap and looking like Ms. Yuma Trailer Park of 2006. It's a little embarrassing, but hey, anyone who appears on national TV in a low-cut see-through purple maternity blouse can apparently deal with embarrassment.

And, like Stacy's Mom, Brit's got it goin' on. Let's review the highlights:

Asked about motherhood, she told Lauer, ''It's amazing!''

Asked about appearing on Will & Grace: ''Awesome! So hilarious!''

Asked about marriage to Kevin Federline, he of the coolly slanted little hats: ''Awesome! He's so simple! He's like a boy! His heart is...awesome!''

She also said Kevin is ''working very hard.'' (I'm wondering if that means he's the yard boy, because he's certainly not in this interview.)

Explaining why she was driving with her kid in her lap: ''We're country!''

Every now and then, intercut with the blouse-y, gum-chewing matron who spouts such platitudes as ''Accidents happen'' and ''Love conquers all,'' we glimpsed the light-footed pop princess with the gamine grin that was always her best feature. Even more briefly we saw the ugly paparazzi feeding frenzies that probably ensue every time Britney hits the street...and one image, almost as stark as a police crime-scene photo, of a red-eyed, red-nosed Britney holding her baby to her chest, seeming to ask the camera, Where am I? Who am I? How did I get here? Why are you looking at me?

The answers, in brief, are these: You are in public; you are a pop creation now entering the final third of your active performing career; you got here as a result of youth, publicity, and prurient interest. The answer to the last question is the most unpleasant. We are looking at you, Brit, because we cannot yet look away.

Ms. Spears has enjoyed a fantastically successful career; Matt Lauer was correct in pointing out that ''she's already made her mark in the music world.'' That mark, however, may be drawn in sand rather than concrete. Seven years ago ...Baby One More Time sold 10.5 million albums, and in 2000 Oops...I Did It Again sold 9.2 million. By 2003, however, In the Zone sold only 2.9 million. For most artists, 2.9 million is hardly an ''only,'' but for Brit it's still a drop of 7.6 million units.

Her continued visibility — and, hence, popularity — seems to hinge on the very press that has sliced her up again and again these last few years. The Harper's Bazaar (pregnant, no less!) cover girl obviously understands; during her interview with Lauer, she talked about her life almost exclusively in terms of how she had been depicted in the press, and the interview itself was clearly an attempt to redirect the spin.

In the end, this edition of Dateline was just an hour of feel-bad TV. I felt bad for Poor Brit, who looked very young, very pregnant, sometimes very bewildered, and on several occasions pretty dumb. (Losing the gum might have helped.) I felt bad for feeling even a little concerned about her problems, when hundreds of thousands of people are starving in Darfur. I felt bad for Matt Lauer, who looked too smart for the job he was doing. And I felt bad for NBC, who that night gave half an hour to the world's problems at dinnertime and an hour to a slightly over-the-hill pop princess during prime time. Yet there I was. Hell, I even took notes.

And was I the only man in late middle age who watched? Don't think so. Before the final segment, there was an ad for — you guessed it — Viagra.

Join The Conversation
d7star d7star 11 years
MeganHarris MeganHarris 11 years
I respect Trump. I like King's books. But I have to say, them pulling for britiney like this is a load of crap. give me a break. Smell the money trail. who has a vested interest in Spears?
Adriana42 Adriana42 11 years
I heard Cheetos causes brain damage.
sparkle_natz sparkle_natz 11 years
I personally hate Britney. She's overweight and needs a visit to the gym! She got married to K-FED! *WHY?!* She had his child and now she's having his second! *EWW*! She's renewing her wedding vows. WTF is wrong with her? She's doing EVERYTHING wrong!
MissRobinson MissRobinson 11 years
I think she looked nice in these pictures... not so much the one with the thong and fur coat thing, that one was kinda stupid looking.... Donald Trump is weird. I bet he listens to Britney Spears and sings along. He's got really sexy hair though.
Fiona Fiona 11 years
She certainly didn't do herself any favors by posing nude..BUT, she is a pregnant woman and has looked pretty bad in all the photos I've seen of her lately, maybe she just wanted to feel good about herself for a change!
pinkangelmonkey pinkangelmonkey 11 years
i feel bad for listening to gossip too...oh wait no i dont! hehe they just wanted their names in the press...
sanD13 sanD13 11 years
KFed needs to get his tubes tied. Last thing we need is more mini-kfed's running around. This will be his 4th child. I'm pretty sure if he didn't have Britney's money, he'd never be able to afford 4 kids...
Luna13 Luna13 11 years
Still dont get why u people are wasting your time on this chick. As long as she is still married to fuckerline there will be no comeback! I think we should accept this and move on. Right now there is a gap in the pop industry thats why we all have nothing better to do but wait for her. But why should we wait? Forget her...
RustyAngel73 RustyAngel73 11 years
Spot on comments from the two guys.
lickety-split lickety-split 11 years
ah, hello, kfed had the option of NOT having sex with brit or using protection himself. why does he think she married him? he has only be good at one thing; making babies.
FB1977 FB1977 11 years
Yeah but, K Fed didn't even want the second kid, and was pissed when he found out she was preggers again! But, I agree, he wants the spotlight ALL to himself!
JK-Boogie JK-Boogie 11 years
But wasn't she going into the studio and starting to lay tracks down...I agree she should have birth control but I also believe K-Fed has a plan to keep her out of the public arena in order to pollute the airways with his so called music.
FB1977 FB1977 11 years
True dat JK..she did have her chance, but she was so set on having another kid...and don't tell me it was an accident, use birth control Brit!
JK-Boogie JK-Boogie 11 years
I began reading and thought why does Trump and King even have an opinion on this, then I read on and I was shocked at how accurate they both were...loved the "over the hill pop princess" line....because frankly she is. Her music career died with K-Fed impregnanting her the second time...with 1 I think she had a chance.
FB1977 FB1977 11 years
Curegirl, I KNOW (LOL) about Brit and K Fed's relationship, and I would bet $5,000 of my hard-earned cash that they divorce within the next 6 months. Sometimes, I wish I did partake in celebrity betting, cuz I'd be one rich bitch right now haha!
curegirl88 curegirl88 11 years
dang....dang....dang....its like a britney spears era right now, it really is.....i feel like...brit is just going through some rough times right now as far as the paparazzi goes...and as for her relationship with kevin, who really knows?...if brit is pro love than i am too...its crazy to think donald and stephen actually care and write would think with thier busy lives, they wouldnt have time to talk about brit...but basically both do feel bad for her and just want her to get herself together know im my opinion brit IS gonna come back and show everyone shes still has it!...i love brit...shes gonna come back to us, i know it!!
cari907 cari907 11 years
i like wat stepeh said about feelin bad for feelin sorry 4 her i mean there are ppl out there with real probelems and desiseses and stuff brit has more money than god
cari907 cari907 11 years
well ofcorse i have the bazzar mag and it is great she looks gorgeous its werid tho that everyone is talking about her and feelin sad 4 her
sanantonio sanantonio 11 years
She just needs to go away already, she is too old for pop now,she couldn't carry a note like Christina so she cant do a non pop album, maybe she should start singing country since she is so "country".
sanD13 sanD13 11 years
Not only did Brit appear in Bazaar, she did an interview for Hello! magazine too (or I think it was Hello!). She also appeared on the cover of People sometime before the interview (talking about a comeback). If she really did disappear somewhere, like Ben&Jen are doing, I'd actually believe her. If she's asking to be left alone, she needs to stop appearing in magazines for no reason. You can't poke at the media and expect to be left alone...
FB1977 FB1977 11 years
LMAO atoxic...I sure hope she doesn't bite her toenails, eww!
heavenlydivine21 heavenlydivine21 11 years
Feeling bad??? not me I'm done with that junk! I was never really a fan I liked her videos and all she had a killer bod I gave her the benefit of the doubt but she always came back saying stupid S**T and never took responsibility for her actions! I even felt bad when there was a picture of her crying after she almost dropped SP! I even tried to watch some of DATELINE boy, after 5 minutes I had to change it!!! I chose the DRUGS YEARS on VH1!! The morning after was when I heard of ALL the stupid things she said on dateline! worst interview EVER!!!!! I liked her better when she didn't speak that way I would be in the dark of her dumbness etc! I agree with La Reina her parents have failed her big time!! Nothing she says or does now will ever change her low class,tacky personality! I think SP is so cute!!! chubby but cute!!!
laughingboy laughingboy 11 years
Someone said they couldn't believe that trump and king took the time to write about Britney. I really feel the only real reason they did is that Britney hits a chord in all of us about what is wrong with fame and with our society. If anything King's comments question our social attitudes. What has happend to us as a people that we set up people like Britney as a role model, even though she is clearly unsuited for it. And not only that but we find her demise more newsworthy than actual "news" that has an impact on the world. But this is what you get when record companies take no-talent bippy girls without a brain and try to trick everyone into thinking they are smart, talented, and good role models. Eventually the gauze is pulled away and we are left with the truth. We got sold a bunch of BS with britney. And if anything we are just all facinated at how they pulled it off.
atoxicsparkle atoxicsparkle 11 years
::desperately tries to remove dirty image of britney biting toenails out of head::
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