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BeccaFan BeccaFan 9 years
I guess I'm just tired of seeing celebs "annoyed" by the paps, when there are more imoprtant issues going on around us to be upset about, you know? After all, they know their photos are going to be taken when they go out. It's part of the territory when you become famous. If you weren't famous, no one would even give a shit. I just think it's ridiculous to walk around looking like it's the end of the world because the pesky paps are snapping your pics. JMO.
berrymix berrymix 9 years
I love this couple!
loveallstar loveallstar 9 years
becca fan I think they were just annoyed by the paps, Im sure we all get annoyed by something small in life, it isn't comparable to the tragedies that have happened recently.
BeccaFan BeccaFan 9 years
If they are going to go out in in public, then they need to get over the fact that the paps will most likely be there. They look like they just left a funeral for pete's sake! Gees, there are way worse things in the world, like being a victim of the NIU shootings last week, or the brutal shootings of 5 female victims of an Illinois LANY BRYANT store a few weeks ago! They need to grow up!
creepupmytee creepupmytee 9 years
why do they look like that!
italianblonde italianblonde 9 years
Is it just me, or does anyone else see some Johnny Knoxville when they look at him?
Shopaholichunny Shopaholichunny 9 years
He's sooo HOT! :DROOL:
wicca_08 wicca_08 9 years
There might be something that Josh found in Fergie.
crazyana crazyana 9 years
:Rotfl: u guys crack me up! of course he says Fergie is HOT!she is his GF and he would bring HIS class down if he says OH MY GF IS BUTT UGLY!
B-R-Girl B-R-Girl 9 years
Why do all the celebrity couples walk about three feet apart or the guy is usually dragging the girl behind them. What happen to walking beside each other or the guy walking directly behind his girl? Anyone ever heard of ladies first?
xLolaBellex xLolaBellex 9 years
Josh is a cutie, and he's from North Dakota...and that's pretty cool haha.
loveallstar loveallstar 9 years
well you know all celebs have their detractors, fergie doesn't ever address hers and that makes her a smart cookie, she leaves that issue alone, The one time she mentioned it was to say that she had seen what people say about her and that she'd talked to her therapist about how it bothered her, that was basically it. Alot of celebs will try to go toe to toe with their detractors but the fame game is this: your detractors might not be buying your music but they do have some control of how you're percieved in the media so if you don't make a big deal out of stuff you'll gain more fans in the long run and your product will sell better, than say jessica alba who keeps angering her detractors,( addressing them in her interviews) lol.( no offense to jessica Im not a fan of hers or a detractor). I know some people don't like the "fergie" product but in her real life she is Stacy, trust me her friends and family are not calling her Fergie, but in the public eye that is who she wants to be known as and that is her choice. None of us have to like any celebs but I can't hate a celeb who knows who she is,has a thick skin, isn't trying to be fake or someone she isn't,doesn't try to throw her lifestyle in anyone's face and from all accounts sounds like she is a genuinely nice person. I didn't buy her album but my guy downloaded it onto my mp3 and while Im not big on every song, I like her voice and I like the ones that I like,listen to (Losing my ground) my guy isnt into her, but I know some guys are, that doesn't mean they like "ugly" girls or that they "like tranny's" everytime I see someone say that I laugh.
s2always s2always 9 years
LoLz... iagree with everything allstar said and fergie is HOT...a majority of the male population would agree =)
loveallstar loveallstar 9 years
jam, I know everybody isn't a fan, and everyone isn't going to like fergie, Most of the people here don't say too much negative stuff about her,but mostly everyone seems to agree she acts respectable and doesn't end up in the press every 5 minutes, they can barely find anything negative to say about her personality.I see jessica simpson and lindsay lohan on here more than her and neither one of them has done anything worth a bean in ages,fergie had a hit record with 5 hit singles, won an AMA and got a grammy nom. The most I see is the "she's ugly/she's looks like a man" and "josh's hot" comments, and than of course the random "she peed that one time" comments. I ignore them when I see them, if that's all anyone has to post that's not any concern of mine, they have every right to like or dislike and post comments as much as I do. I really only post about incorrect information and to occasionally make a point.Happy Posting:).
soglam soglam 9 years
Love them! and btw, they are both gorgeous in person!
loveallstar loveallstar 9 years
northernstar, Josh has said in interviews that he thinks she is "hot" which would lead me to believe he finds her to be attractivev,beauty is in the eye of the beholder and if he finds her soul to be beautiful to him isn't that all that matters.They are not a new couple, they've been together going on 4 years, there engagement would be normal by average standards, only in hollywood is it a big deal, b/c she became such a big star this year.
northernstar northernstar 9 years
I guess this proves that they are in love because Josh obviously does not care that Fergie is not a very pretty girl. I rather see two people like this genuinely in love, than see this hot guy Josh with another good looking girl who is a skank and has no self respect. Fergie at least has that and I'm glad Josh recognizes that in her and is a smart guy for accepting her the way she is. She probably has a lot of good qualities which have attracted Josh. I'm happy for them and wish them luck.
jam jam 9 years
ooops sorry for the double post!
jam jam 9 years
loveallstar ITA!I am amazed at how poor Fergie gets beaten on.Either for daring to get a man who female fans somehow think she "stole" from them, or that she is "Ugly". I see way uglier celebs than her, I do not see why the same bloggers put Madonna who IMO is a hypocrite pretending to be Mommy of the year, and then being trashy - while they bash fergie who is no way putting on any airs or fake accents. I think she is sweet, she takes some bad pics, but wow she is not ugly by any means. I think both are two of the nicest, best looking celebs around, very nice in interviews. I hope they can handle the jerks who invade their lives.
febe febe 9 years
ooo i forgot the title made me think of: THRILLER, THRILLER NIGHT!!!
febe febe 9 years
awww! this is the first time, i actually feel happy for her. :nerdgirl:
DreaAST DreaAST 9 years
loveallstar loveallstar 9 years
I like them together b/c they are genuinely in love. Josh asked fergie to marry him, not any of his fans so of course some fans are going to be mad it's her and not them. If you don't like her that's fine, but they are obviously happy so I say good for them. They aren't set up by publicists, or PR people, they don't come off as fake and they got together legitamately, that's better than alot of couples in hollywood can say.I think fergie can come off boring b/c when you come to popsugar you tend to read positive stuff about her life( even if the comments directed at her are not)atleast she isn't out there getting drunk,hitting people with her car, or getting photograped with no underwear.I guess she's not a madonna changing her image constantly but that isn't every artist, I know prince has been rocking the relaxed hair, eyelinger,platform look for 20 years. Josh and Stacy seem like respectable people for the most part.
Tabloid Tabloid 9 years
He's too hot for her. :(
x_juicyfruit x_juicyfruit 9 years
Cuties. She looks pretty good there.
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