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mrsjacki mrsjacki 10 years
I guess atleast she's not peeing on herself..... Jacki _______________________________________________________________ Brooke Shields, during an interview to become spokesperson for a federal anti-smoking campaign Smoking kills. If you're killed, you've lost a very important part of your life.
rubialala rubialala 10 years
she DOES have really good workout music.
andaman andaman 10 years
ilovetoski you are getting better at this thing! LOL
ilove2ski ilove2ski 10 years
Gosh I am an idiot. It is :DRINKS:
ilove2ski ilove2ski 10 years
Lol pokemyhontas that is hilarious about the fanny pack. But, knowing me I would forget what was in it and take a drink thinking it was water and have a big suprise!!! A little burn in my tummy. :DRINK:
LaLaLaurie06 LaLaLaurie06 10 years
I get the joke, but...what is "butterface"? I'm completely lost.
caitlinp86 caitlinp86 10 years
she has a rockin body. Props to her for actually working out and not just getting trashed every night.
VaneM77 VaneM77 10 years
Pokemyhontas that is an excellent idea! I wonder if they would actually let you through all the security though, lol! Fergie looks awesome here! I love her too! Her music always puts me in a great mood!
pitip pitip 10 years
cari907 cari907 10 years
i dont like her and her body isnt so great
Pokemyhontas Pokemyhontas 10 years
I'd like one of those fanny packs. It would come in handy for concerts, full of vodka or tequila. *wink* And I'd much rather see Ms. Fergie working out, than going to clubs and drinking the nights away like some loser celebs do.
JKe895 JKe895 10 years
She's awesome! I love listening to her music while I workout.
q8eya18 q8eya18 10 years
i luvv her shoes . does anybody know what laber makes 'em?
canthelpwatching canthelpwatching 10 years
Why the constant obsession with her working out? I guess it's better than the photos we had to look at almost daily of Madonna going in and out of the gym. But really.
JustMe21 JustMe21 10 years
I like her! She's fun, fresh, spunky and pretty! I like her music too lol. It's kinda crazy but usually has a good beat.
ilove2ski ilove2ski 10 years
I work out all the time. But, I think I would rather have her work out schedule. Once it gets warmer I am going to start running outside. (minus the fanny pack/water thing)
LadyDragoness LadyDragoness 10 years
She needs to work on her body, it's not like she has a face to back it up.
t_hive88 t_hive88 10 years
I love Fergie! I think she's totally beautiful and really talented! Plus, she's out there working out everyday which is a lot more than I do!
kendallina kendallina 10 years
I wish I were as motivated as she is.
krisua krisua 10 years
It's already a joke... She doesn't seem to do nothing else but exercising :D
lhomey lhomey 10 years
She bugs the crap out of me. Does she ever do anything besides lay in the sun and work out? I like her voice on my Black-eyed Peas cd's, but other than that you can have her.
kelly kelly 10 years
She is and always will be very cute to me!Lol I don't even care how many times people say "butterface" i will still have a soft spot for her . How cool psucksliterally(funny name)!!!I've seen her at a Black Eyed Peas concert and she WAS really small and very slim too.
Calchica Calchica 10 years
she still is, and always will be, 100% butterface
maggie99 maggie99 10 years
Wow she looks hot! I've always liked her... butterface or no butterface. Her relationship with Josh seems really genuine and fun - like hanging out with your bff (whose bones you want to jump)
psucksliterally psucksliterally 10 years
I was there that day and met her- she pet my dog. She was very nice, and girlfriend is TINY.
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