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Finally... Lost Returns

It's been a long, hard hiatus people but we've finally made it to the new episodes of Lost! While the break was difficult, we are now rewarded with 16 straight episodes. If you need a review before tonight, get caught up with this Lost refresher course. In the meantime, here's a little Josh Holloway tidbit. The sexy actor tells Elle Magazine that he was the "king" of pick-up lines. Here's highlights:

  • His best one, he says, is, "Did it hurt ... when you fell out of heaven?" Another: " 'Wow, that's a beautiful dress. I saw one just like it at Kmart.' See, you gotta make them think they're all that, and then pull the carpet out from under them."
  • When asked with whom he'd want to be erroneously linked in a gossip column, Holloway, answers, "Jessica Alba."
  • Before he met his wife, Holloway says that in relationships, "I've done all the dumping, which is not a good thing. It's funny, because I married someone who has always done it as well. I believe I met my match."
  • It's a good thing he's married so hopefully those groan-inducing lines can be retired for good. Check out the cheesy pick-up line-free and action packed new episode of Lost airing tonight at 10pm on CBS!


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